8 digital transformation problems that are actually connection problems 

Struggling with digital transformation? It's all about connection. See how you can solve your problems by building the right connections between your data, applications, people, processes and things. 

In our lives, there are some things that everyone wants but are deceivingly difficult to achieve. (Anyone who has ever made New Year’s resolutions can relate.) In business, one of those things is digital transformation. It’s on every must-do list, but it’s at the end of a long road that twists, turns and keeps on changing direction. 

There may be a range of seemingly unrelated issues that always hold you back, but at their core they all originate from the same problem—a difficulty in making the right connections. Those connections may be between data, applications, people, processes, things—or some combination of all of them.  

In this infographic, we explore some of the common problems along the road to digital transformation, and why they actually may be connection problems. 

(If you’re interested, we go into more detail in this white paper.) 

Infographic describing 8 digital transformation problems that are actually connection problems.

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