Rollout & change management

                Tightly manage change and cascade new processes across your organization

                Take a holistic approach to your digital transformation 

How well you roll out new business processes and organizational change management is critical to your digital transformation and to positioning your organization for the future. With ARIS, you’ll roll out operating procedures and policies organization-wide in a shared, single source of truth based on automated process governance. Anyone, anywhere, anytime can contribute to your transformation to make your business processes the best in the world.

                Create a single source of truth

Store and share your operating procedures and policies in one single place to enable an effective process rollout to your entire organization.

                Engage everyone in your organization

Allow anyone to contribute knowledge to processes by offering simple, role-based access to relevant information and thereby strengthen organizational change management.

                Use wisdom from the crowd

Teams can comment and give feedback during content creation, approval and rollout to contribute to organizational change management initiatives, and discuss in close collaboration groups.

                Store & share content

Documents, videos and policies provide guidance on the ideal way to execute a job. They define how to get work done in your organizational change management infrastructure.

                Mark changes as read & understood

People across your organization are asked to confirm changes. This ensures information about the transformation is read and understood.

                Manage and govern your content

Establish enterprise-wide policies and workflows by automated process governance. Use a model-driven approach to roll in requirements and roll out solutions.

                Successfully implement change with ARIS

Process rollout and change management with ARIS brings vision, decision and action. Collaboration and cross-company contributions engage your entire business to support company-wide transformation rollout with procedures and policies based on process governance and stored and shared in a single source of truth.

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                    Get everyone involved

A friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to access and consume information about their business roles with the right level of detail. Everyone, even people without business process modeling skills, can contribute knowledge during the content creation process and discuss processes within groups. Drive the successful adoption and usage of change to ensure organizational change management.

                    Make BPM easy to understand

ARIS makes process improvement fun! Innovative ways to publish process content enable everyone to understand and improve processes without any background in business process management (BPM). Based on roles, process descriptions can be adjusted so process experts get the proper views and capabilities to analyze and improve processes.

                    Take control of your changing business

The nine essential elements of an enterprise management system (EMS) powered by ARIS help you build a solid foundation for change. Combine traditionally disparate management systems into one single source of truth to ensure effective operations and a smooth transformation. Manage the process of change based on automated process governance. Put yourself in the driver’s seat with an EMS that provides effective BPM so you can communicate the strategy to everyone.

                    Ensure change is understood

With ARIS, process owners ask their teams to confirm that they have read and understood the information in the process model. This powerful process governance feature is a way of enforcing process conformance (similar to asking people to sign a contract) and increases the practical value of formal models by making them more relevant.

                    Improve process transparency

See how Siemens was able to accelerate digital transformation and reinforce transparency around process management, using real-time information and user-friendly dashboards in ARIS.

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