Migrate to SAP S/4HANA®: Let’s make it run

                Jumpstart into the future! Go live quickly, safely and efficiently with ARIS for SAP® solutions

                Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA®  migration with ARIS for SAP solutions

Migrating to a new SAP environment like SAP S/4HANA  brings new challenges to your business. To guarantee success you need clearly defined requirements, comprehensive testing, hands-on training and, most importantly, end-user acceptance. At the same time, you’ll need to establish SAP standards that save you time and money as well as ensure quality. The business departments focus on transparency, quality, and a quick adaptation of business processes.

ARIS for SAP solutions supports your migration solution with efficient best practices and intelligent analysis and collaboration tools that help to make the entire project easier, faster and more cost effective. Benefit from a process-driven SAP migration solution that combines an intelligent methodology with innovative technology and expertise from countless successful SAP projects all around the world. Leverage a risk-free integration with best possible time-to-value.

                Choose efficiency, right from the beginning

2027 marks the end of support for legacy SAP systems. By implementing SAP S/4HANA, you are paving the way for your digital future. Struggling with complexity and effort? ARIS for SAP solutions guides you safely through the SAP migration and efficiently aligns your processes with the new SAP S/4HANA architecture.

                Get started faster with best practices

Save time, resources, and costs. Shorten the setup of your SAP system landscape and business processes with preconfigured, customizable reference content that already comprehensively maps the most important industry and company processes.

                Gain security before go-live

Use the configured processes for communication, documentation and training of all users. The individual scenarios can be exchanged between ARIS and SAP Solution Manager in both directions and thus be tested, analysed and optimized in advance.


Analyze currently executed processes automatically


Be fast and agile when designing processes using reference content


Analyze impact & automate governance processes


Testing and training success through process orientation


Efficient rollout and communication of your SAP solution


Competitive advantage through process orientation

                Master your transformation

Missing alignment between business and IT? That is yesterday's problem. With ARIS for SAP solutions, you involve all employees from management, business departments and IT in all phases of an SAP project—from the analysis of as-is processes with process mining to business design and testing of the blueprint to go-live and beyond. Master your business process transformation intelligently, effectively and collaboratively.

                    Discovery of actual process execution and system usage

DISCOVER Get transparency on current SAP implementation and usage in the shortest time possible. ARIS automatically generates information from the underlying IT systems and transforms it with Process Mining to a completely reconstructed, visualized process model. You get full transparency over operating procedures and identify possible process variants, deficiencies and risks so you can optimize immediately.

                    Build on existing SAP reference content

PREPARE Jumpstart your project and import reference content from various sources such as SAP S/4HANA and Software AG partner systems. ARIS supports end-to-end process design through unified communication between SAP and the business world. Connect SAP functions with various artifacts such as executables (e.g. SAP transactions, Fiori apps), end-user roles, documents, etc. With ARIS, you can model the perfect SAP process using wizard support. You can then synchronize this to-be process bi-directionally with SAP Solution Manager.

                    Analyze impact and automate governance processes

EXPLORE Compare the impact of the migration from your as-is and to-be processes and refine the requirements via fit-gap analyses. ARIS enables the agile management of to-be design requirements in combination with SAP Change Request Management. Process owners can validate business requirements via a general ARIS process governance workflow process (sign-off). ARIS visualizes the approval status and progress. This gives you an overview of the current status of your migration project at any time.

                    Succeed with process-driven testing & training

REALIZE Establish fast, simple and comprehensive test design: ARIS automatically generates process-oriented test cases that you can transfer to SAP Solution Manager or other test suites. Foster end-user acceptance through process-driven training and create the training plan based on business roles.

ARIS automatically generates alternative views of business processes that are easy for end-users to understand. Link to additional training material or use the integration with the SAP Enable Now knowledge management platform.

                    Efficient rollout and communication of SAP solution

DEPLOY Benefit from ARIS as a "single source of truth" for all released processes. For example, by automatically informing end-users about all innovations, changes and go-lives. Or through effective support in their daily work, as users can start SAP executables directly from process models. The ARIS Process Guide can also be opened from the SAP system.

                    Generate advantages with process optimization

RUN Use the collaboration function to leverage the full potential of your employees. This way, every user can contribute to process improvement and is centrally informed about process changes. ARIS Process Mining also supports you in monitoring process execution and identifying deviations from the desired to-be process. In this way, ARIS ensures the optimal use of your SAP S/4HANA system and generates competitive advantages.

                Don’t get your SAP S/4HANA migration wrong

You can’t afford to do it with anything but ARIS!