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AiFlux Limited is an AI industrial tech company founded in September 2021 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company specializes in using IoT technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights, alerts and predictions about the health, integrity and productivity of industrial resources (personnel, assets and equipment), with a focus on connected resources management inside complex and harsh working environments. Its team of highly skilled professionals, combined with its innovative yet user-friendly solutions, makes this company one to watch in its focus markets.


  • Challenging health and safety regulatory environment and end-user adoption requirements
  • The need to combine data from multiple sources to monitor the health and safety of workers and the use of heavy machinery
  • Demand for simple and intuitive technology that can be used by all departments and power sustainability goals
  • Need for scalability and flexibility in a rapidly growing usage-based market
  • Search for an enterprise-grade IoT platform with out-of-the-box, plug-and-play functionality
  • Desire to tap into the ecosystem economy with a new go-to-market strategy (B2B2B)


  • Rolled out 44 different Health & Safety use cases related to the health and safety of workers and equipment used in the construction of offshore oil & gas structures
  • Seamlessly connected 25 employees, 6 assets (3 mobile and 3 fixed equipment) and 4 cameras to a single integrated tracking and monitoring platform through 12+ different device types in a 6-month pilot — with a plan to scale-out to thousands in the coming months
  • Leveraged real-time data securely from multiple sources and devices to improve worker health and safety, including compliance with personal protective equipment policies
  • Achieved integration of diverse sensors and devices into a single dashboard
  • Learned how to solve critical end-user adoption challenges and effectively drive change management within the customer’s organization
  • Established thriving partnership potential for AiFlux
  • Supported sustainability targets by reducing the risk of incidents and indirectly increasing operational efficiency



"Improving the Health & Safety of workers and equipment productivity is a key priority in all industries, especially when dealing with expensive heavy assets in harsh environments. Our flagship product, SiteFlux—combined with the Cumulocity IoT platform—can connect with a wide array of different sensors and devices such as smart watches and cameras to provide real-time visibility and actionable insights through a single pane of glass. Cumulocity IoT's ability to seamlessly integrate with our SiteFlux solution to deliver industry-relevant use cases designed in collaboration with the end customer is powering a new business model based on value-added partnership."

– Antonio Antonuccio, Head of Growth, AiFlux

Complex health and safety monitoring spanning 44 use cases

As a startup breaking new ground in the industrial IoT solutions space, AiFlux’s flagship product SiteFlux is a real-time connected resources software solution designed for fabricators and operators of heavy machinery asset owners looking to boost the health & safety of the workforce as well as operational efficiency in resource utilization, helping meet financial and sustainability targets. Under pressure to integrate diverse data sources into a single view for its customers, AiFlux knew it had to act fast when it was awarded a strategic project from a leading EPCI for the oil & gas and renewable energy industry.

The project required high volumes of health and safety data ranging from biometric data to equipment metrics to be securely streamed and monitored across 44 complex use cases. And it wasn’t a case of one size fits all: Instead, there were multiple data sources and devices involved spanning a very large site and thousands of workers once at full scale. These included data from smart cameras, weather stations, and sensors on mobile assets, as well as a wide range of mobile devices including wearables, smartwatches, and wristbands streaming workers’ biometric data.

While AiFlux knew it could handle the complexity and innovation required, it had to look for a state-of-the-art platform to connect these applications and devices all together at scale. It needed a simple way to hook up multiple different devices and send the data to SiteFlux intuitive interface that would empower the customer to access maps, dashboards and notifications through a truly augmented view. AiFlux also needed to ensure that sensitive worker and site data stayed confidential and could not be tampered with.

It therefore needed the right technology partner that could not only provide a key component of the SaaS solution—the IoT platform—but also exhibit the spirit of partnership and support AiFlux with joint go-to-market activities.

Maximizing device compatibility with Cumulocity IoT

AiFlux's partnership with Software AG to develop its as-a-service offering proved to be a game changer. The company´s selection of Cumulocity IoT as its IoT platform of choice came down to one major unique selling proposition—openness. AiFlux’s new platform (SiteFlux) could connect to a wide range of devices and technologies—agonistically. It had the flexibility to build custom analytics and support an intuitive user interface that could be tailored to the needs of its clients. In addition, AiFlux was able to connect to the customer’s digital twin to provide live access to multiple stakeholders.

The project took only six months to complete. It was particularly challenging because the client needed to monitor a wide range of scenarios, all with different parameters. These ranged from real-time, safeguarding alerts when cranes approached power lines, to compliance monitoring ensuring only authorized personnel operate certain equipment. Wael Alkadamani, Project Manager at AiFlux remarks:

"The advantage of Cumulocity IoT is its ability to easily connect to and manage multiple devices across different connectivity technologies. This allows us to focus on selecting the best device for each use case, without needing to worry about compatibility. With data flowing freely back to our IoT platform, we can feed our dashboards with nuanced insights so our clients can make smarter decisions."

Safer than ever, with IoT

After that intense six-month period, AiFlux accomplished a remarkable feat: the end customer signing off on all 44 use cases which stretched across an impressive portfolio: smart cameras to monitor worker and asset safety, safety gear checking, alerts for workers near dangerous equipment, biosensors for health data, worker motion analysis and a weather station to provide advance warning of hazardous conditions. The data was secured through end-to-end implementation of HTTPS from devices to applications.

One interesting use case concerned crane load and angle warnings. Industrial cranes can now be monitored with sensors that detect movement and operator behaviors, and analyze weight lifted and crane arm oscillation. Alerts can be triggered if the crane angle is too wide due to wind or other factors, ensuring proactive safety precautions can be taken. AiFlux has also deployed smart cameras with artificial intelligence to detect when workers enter restricted areas or remove their PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment). Finally, the deployment of smart watches to monitor worker’s health allowed the early identification of abnormal bio data for one worker who was not experiencing any pain or discomfort, but that after medical evaluation was confirmed to have a temporary condition needing treatment.

AiFlux's solutions enable its clients to comply with safety regulations with continuous monitoring, improved reliability, and increased accuracy, without the need for large numbers of on-site personnel. This, of course, means improved safety and productivity on the job site. Identifying potential hazards, alerting workers of dangerous situations and monitoring the behavior of assets such as cranes results in a safer work environment, with fewer accidents and less downtime. In addition, analyzing worker movement and health data provides insights into how to optimize operations going forward and reduce the risk of injury or illness. This, in turn, puts the power of IoT data into the hands of many by providing their multiple stakeholders with custom analytics via a tailored user interface.

Real-time monitoring: Towards a sustainable heavy asset industry

AiFlux has numerous case studies in the pipeline to leverage the unique ability of its solution to deliver higher safety together with improved productivity. One of them involves addressing inefficiencies in the use of welding machines by implementing real-time monitoring. Sensors will capture data to track the actual use of over 3,000 machines and allocate them to specific teams, providing its clients with a comprehensive view of usage patterns. The solution is expected to optimize the distribution and allocation of machines, reduce waste and promote sustainability. There are also plans to track the movement of workers and assets to eliminate wasted time and optimize the distance traveled on site. Looking ahead, AiFlux also intends to scale the use of Cumulocity IoT to include other services, such as machine learning for asset integrity management.

In pursuit of its mission to support clients in the delivery of their ESG targets, AiFlux is more dedicated than ever to reducing inefficiencies and waste in the design, manufacture, management, maintenance and disposal of heavy assets. By providing accurate and comprehensive asset analytics and industry-specific self-service tools, the company is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the industry. In a recent project involving the deployment of its Asset Integrity Management solution AiSquared, it was projected the company would achieve a 2%-3% productivity improvement through reduced downtime and higher asset efficiency, which for this industry can mean millions of dollars in extra revenue and profit. But AiFlux not only wants its powerful technology to help companies save money, it’s also building the industry-wide case for smart asset management in the reduction of the environmental footprint.

"Our plan is to continue to demonstrate value to our customers by expanding the number of use cases and functionality offered through the integrated use of our products, while leveraging synergies to take our solutions to market. This is in line with our mission to create intuitive technology platforms that enable leading energy companies to maximize the value in their heavy assets and power a more efficient world” says Hani El Kurd, AiFlux’s CEO.

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