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KMC Global Controls & Automation is a technology-based company that provides control panels, automation and integration with remote and onsite support capability. It has the goal of providing the best equipment and service to its automation and controls customers, now offering machine data-as-a-service using Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT.


  • Compete not only on cost
  • Offer value-added services to stay relevant and strategic
  • Ensure smaller manufacturers are successful at IIoT
  • Create diversified and resilient revenue
  • Meet the growing need for remote monitoring


  • IIoT made easy for any size manufacturer
  • 20 percent higher productivity expected for customers
  • 4 percent revenue increase expected with new XaaS
  • Greater customer satisfaction and experience
  • Fast start-up and long-term path for IIoT expansion


KMC Global chose Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT because it doesn’t require software developers. The open IoT platform connects any “thing” and enables live data consumption in a few clicks.

                    “If you’re not creating a plan to implement IIoT, you’re falling behind.”

– Larry West, Sales and Automation, KMC Global

                IIoT: the new automation sensation

Automated control panels help equipment run better. Add Industrial IoT (IIoT) to those panels and you elevate performance to absolute best. That’s now possible for even small manufacturers, thanks to a real-time machine data service offered by KMC Global Controls & Automation.

IIoT is an evolutionary change every manufacturer needs for survival, explained Larry West, KMC Global Sales and Automation Manager. “Machine data is vital to any manufacturing system,” he said. “Manufacturers that don’t implement IIoT are likely not to compete in the changing landscape.”

Think of it this way, West explained: “In 1995, you probably were not using email. This communication tool was just getting its start, even though the first email was sent out in the early ‘70s. By 2000, if you still weren’t using email, your business was likely starting to suffer. Could you even imagine not having email for your business today? IIoT has the same effect on manufacturers.”

Same goes for package tracking. “Every delivery company had to transition to offer a package tracking system just to stay in business,” he continued, “because the customer deemed it necessary and others were providing the service. Businesses that did not adapt to the change failed."

No manufacturer left behind

Small and midsize manufacturers often lack the ability to implement and maintain IIoT applications. They simply don’t have the in-house expertise to design, deploy and expand IIoT solutions. So KMC Global built a communications device into its custom control panels.

The optional device collects live machine data and enables anyone to access that data securely for meaningful analysis. Operations management, for example, can see machine uptime. Maintenance gets alerts on faults to prevent downtime. Shipping knows when to expect packages for transport to plan and inform customers about deliveries.

The service runs on Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform. And the result? More informed decisions for better production scheduling, higher equipment uptime, more on-time shipments—and more satisfied customers. Real-time machine data helps increase profit margins, even for the little guy.

“Because of our programming experience and equipment knowledge,” West said, “I knew we’d be able to offer a complete start to finish service for small and medium-sized businesses. We partnered with Software AG and created a base platform to collect a few data points to start.”

Taking an iterative approach helps customers see a faster and low-risk return on investment.

"We don't try to solve everything at once,” West said. “We select a couple of vital data points and get that communication started. We move the data up to the cloud, and we work it to dashboards very quickly so the customer can see the benefit early.”

KMC Global then dives deeper into the manufacturer’s needs and adds data points accordingly. “By taking small and quick steps, we are able to establish value early in the process,” West said. “Because we handle the workload, the customer is not mired in trying to figure out how it all works.”

Disrupting the industry with the right IIoT partner

KMC Global is disrupting the manufacturing industry by making IIoT accessible to more manufacturers. That’s especially important since COVID-19 magnified the need for remote monitoring.

By building IIoT into its control panels, KMC Global has a new revenue stream and offers a value-added capability that makes its customers stronger competitors in a connected world. “This is possible because of a real partnership between KMC Global Controls & Automation and Software AG,” West said.

Slow solution development can lead to lost opportunities and competitive advantage. KMC Global chose Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT because it doesn’t require software developers. The open IoT platform connects any “thing” and enables live data consumption in a few clicks.

As customers expand their use of IIoT, Software AG is their pathway to additional market-leading capabilities, such as IoT integration with enterprise systems, edge computing, machine learning and streaming analytics.

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