Oriflame's Integration Journey with Software AG's webMethods

Explore Oriflame's mission of fulfilling dreams through their global network of independent beauty consultants in this engaging video. Discover how they tackle integration challenges with the help of Software AG's webMethods, connecting with partners worldwide, including 80 banks and couriers.

Video transcript

“Oriflame’s mission has been related and defined for many years as fulfilling dreams. For better understanding, Oriflame is a company selling cosmetics through a global network of independent beauty consultants, we call them brand partners. An important part is motivation of the salesforce.”
“We were already centralized quite a lot, but even with the centralized solution which was centered around a few systems, we felt we really needed a better approach for integration. To being more alignment in how those systems are integrated in between each other but also how those work with our partners.”
"If we have more control over integration, we are much more flexible when it comes to system implementation challenges like onboarding different partners, for example banks. We are now connected to 80 banks around the world producing payment orders, receiving bank statements, everything is channeled through the platform. We have very tight integration with couriers delivering our products to the brand partners or the final consumers.”

“First of all, it’s a long-term partnership.”

“We need you. A lot. We are seeking best practices, we are seeking your advice, we are seeking advice from customers because we understand – we are on the edge. So, tight cooperation is really needed here.”

We are here to make sure you can connect with everything every step of the way.

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