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Founded in 1918, Suva is Switzerland’s leading accident insurance provider. Based in Lucerne with about 4,200 employees, Suva provides around 130,000 businesses with compulsory insurance and insures 2 million members of the workforce against the consequences of accidents and occupational illness. Its services include prevention, insurance and rehabilitation. An independent company under public law, Suva is self-financed and does not receive public funding. It converts its profits into lower premiums for customers.


  • Digitalize customer interactions
  • Ensure and improve quality
  • Optimize risk management
  • Strengthen customer loyalty


  • Digitalization of 1.2 million claims
  • Transparent risk management
  • Map first customer journeys to improve customer satisfaction


  • ARIS Design & Strategy
  • ARIS Enterprise Architecture Management
  • ARIS Risk & Compliance Management

                    "It’s extremely important that we have the right software enabling us to achieve long-term transparency and customer focus. ARIS makes this possible.“

– André Kunz | Expert IT Architect, Suva

Suva is a public company with a long history going back to 1918 when it first became a legal entity. The company plays a key role in Switzerland’s social security system. Suva not only provides compulsory insurance to businesses in the skilled trade and industries, it is also positioned in the prevention and rehabilitation market as well. Suva’s responsibilities include smart awareness campaigns on accident prevention on the job and during leisure time, accruing provisions for future pension benefits through financial and real estate investments, conducting occupational safety evaluations, processing military insurance policies, and issuing product health and safety certification. Its core business, however, is accident insurance, a huge market which must meet the demands of digitalization.

Some 1.2 million accidents claims are filed each year, which is no trivial matter when it comes to process management. “This is how ARIS entered the picture in 2005—initially to address digitalization of customer interactions,” comments André Kunz. Suva sought a fast software solution that would keep costs low for employers. And due to Suva’s auditor function, the insurer also needed the software to integrate well with its claims assessment system. Kunz continues, “ARIS achieved both. And the transformation of our system allows us to meet the digital needs of the modern companies we work with.”

From an administrative perspective alone, each accident involves a multitude of interactions with businesses, healthcare providers and payroll accountants. Thanks to ARIS, nearly all communication can be carried out digitally, which significantly improves convenience for employers. ARIS facilitates project management as well optimization. The system’s speed cuts costs for Suva customers. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is to get affected employees back on the job quickly. Furthermore, ARIS also enables maximum transparency. The system maps Suva’s entire IT architecture, including information about service-level agreements, apps, authorization systems, interfaces and traffic. “Connecting different systems is a cinch with ARIS,” Kunz comments enthusiastically. He is skeptical that other software solutions can deliver this performance. The following functions have proven particularly helpful to Suva: publication of different content, adaptability without compromising standards, collaboration options and integration of heterogeneous systems.

Risks under control with ARIS

That isn’t all, though. Over the past two years, Suva has also built its entire risk management system in ARIS, unlocking more opportunities to digitalize. To keep managers better in the loop, all risks are recorded in a Microsoft® SharePoint® spreadsheet, and each night they are sent to ARIS where they are assessed, updated, monitored and processed. This guarantees that data undergoes quality assurance. It also prompts relevant individuals to confirm when an assessment has been completed (email) and a deadline has been met (email). In addition, the solution generates reports for the executive and advisory boards. The result: Suva’s risk management is transparent and up to date.

Committed to transparency and customer focus

The next step will be customer journey mapping. Up to now, there has been no direct contact between Suva and those it insures, and communication has been bypassing customers. Suva is committed to better serving its customers by addressing their needs in a significantly more personalized manner. One way to accomplish this is with customer journeys. Mapping customer journeys is simple with ARIS, meaning Suva can engage more with customers and offer them better quality. Two customer journeys are currently mapped in ARIS for testing. At a later stage, the solution will go live with at least 50 customer journeys, including multiple variations and connectivity to processes. Project implementation has been very straightforward thanks to ARIS and particularly to Software AG’s competent support. Suva is very satisfied with this aspect as well as with the subscription model it selected!

Suva would like to continue these positive experiences and intends to address process mining next—with ARIS. The company also wants to tackle the topics of data protection and KPI management. Kunz elaborates, “ARIS holds a large portion of our corporate documentation and offers a multitude of options to map our KPIs, which has been on the back burner up to now.” The Suva-Software AG team hasn’t checked everything off its todo list yet!

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