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In today’s business world, where success is defined by the speed of innovation, building the right IT portfolio is more vital than ever. 

Yet managing your IT to make the most of this global tech-celeration isn’t easy. Often, in a scramble to keep pace with the competition, companies are prone to rushed and ill-informed decisions. This leads to unnecessary IT spending, bloated application landscapes, and an inability to deliver on business strategy.

At Software AG, we believe a strategic portfolio management approach is the key to aligning your IT with business. With Alfabet, our market-leading enterprise architecture, IT portfolio management, and strategic IT planning solution, you’ll understand when, where, how, and why to make changes to your IT portfolio. You’ll be able to spend your money more wisely, more effectively manage risk, and accelerate your innovation strategy.

                “For integrated IT portfolio analysis, strategic portfolio management (SPM) software enables IT managers to see the cost, effort, technical complexity, feasibility and interrelated effects of a proposed IT change or digital initiative before it is approved.”

—Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Strategic Portfolio Management, Anthony Henderson, Daniel Stang, 18 April 2022”

                    Build an innovation focused portfolio

As the world becomes more digital, IT has emerged as a mission-critical driver of value—and the wrong investments are a sure way to lose ground on the competition. Are you looking to ensure your IT is best equipped to drive your business strategy? Learn why a strategic portfolio management (SPM) approach to IT investment portfolio management might be the solution you’ve been searching for.

                    The right tool for IT transformation

As an industry leader in IT portfolio management, Alfabet helps you invest wisely by optimizing your existing IT landscape and collaboratively planning for the future. Its seamless integration between enterprise architecture and the project portfolio makes it easier for you to better understand the risks of IT change and more effectively align your business and IT goals. Do you want to transform faster with more certainty? 

                    Deliver smart IT solutions faster

Are you a small business looking for a low cost, risk-free way to optimize your IT portfolio and invest your IT budget wisely? Meet Alfabet FastLane, a Software-as-a-Service that helps small teams and individuals manage their IT with ease. This best practice-based solution with an out-of-the-box methodology and decision framework for IT investment portfolio management is quick to set up and provides near-real-time insights into your business, application, information, technology, and cloud portfolios. It’s fast, simple, SaaS. 

                    A leader in executing IT change

Aligning your IT and business goals though an SPM approach will only go as far as the platform you choose to drive the process. In its 2022 Magic QuadrantTM for Strategic Portfolio Management, Gartner named Software AG as a Leader with the highest placement for “Ability to Execute.” It’s one more reason to entrust the management of your IT investment portfolio to Alfabet. 

SPM capabilities are your key to good IT investment portfolio management

A strategic portfolio management solution is like a GPS: it guides you to your destination of strategic change by showing you which roads to take - connecting portfolios across your enterprise and advising on potential obstacles for more informed decisions you can trust. 

With the ability to capture the business architecture – business strategy, business capabilities and the business and operating models – and how it relates to the project portfolio, you can see where there are gaps in IT support for the business strategy and where CapEx is being wasted on non-strategic or value-less projects and product development. With SPM’s demand management capability, you can map demands to as-is and to-be architecture, detect potential conflicts—and mitigate risk—long before the start of any project. And with financial planning capabilities, you’ll have the foresight to ensure your investments make economic sense—avoiding wasteful spending and keeping your IT laser-focused on supporting your business strategy.

An SPM-based IT investment portfolio management discipline will:

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