Cumulocity IoT Advanced 

                When you have grand plans for IoT

                What you get with Cumulocity IoT Advanced

A big step up from our Basic package, Cumulocity IoT Advanced is hosted in a secure, public cloud. Advanced is ideal for large-scale applications or if you’re looking to OEM Cumulocity IoT and offer IoT as a service. Rebrand our robust IoT platform as your own in a few clicks. Take advantage of these key features:

                Rebrandable & secure for all

Rebrand the user interface as your own. Give your customers a consistent experience with IoT, yet assure separate and secure access for each and every one of them.

                Fast solution building

Build IoT dashboards and apply Smart Rules without writing code. Get your solution to market quickly with a platform built to make IoT simple.

                Out-of-the-box connectivity

Connect hundreds of device types and protocols out of the box to Cumulocity IoT. You’ll also get WWAN, LoRa® LPWAN, and Sigfox® LPWAN connectivity integration, OMA Lightweight M2M device integration, industrial device integration and HMI through cloud remote access. 

                Extensions for customizations

Need something more from your solution? Extend it using developer tools, third-party components, APIs and SDKs.

                Ample storage, unlimited users

Rolling device data storage is available for 14 days. Need more? No problem—simply purchase additional storage. Advanced can be used by any number of people to visualize and act on data in real time.

                Streaming analytics

Make the most of your data with self-service access to real-time streaming analytics. Apply advanced analytics to large volumes of fast-moving data. 

                Add-on options for Advanced

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