Cumulocity IoT Enterprise 

                The ideal package for B2B & B2B2C

                What you get with Cumulocity IoT Enterprise

The Enterprise package is ideal if you plan to sell IoT as a service or sell IoT solutions for different brands. Enterprise can be hosted in a dedicated environment by Software AG or by your teams in a self-hosted environment. Here are key features of Cumulocity IoT Enterprise:

                Rebrandable & secure

With this dedicated environment, you can rebrand the Cumulocity IoT platform multiple times and provide your customers with segregated tenants. You can even add additional enterprise tenants, so your customers can rebrand and sell their own IoT solutions.   


                Fast solution building

Build IoT dashboards and apply Smart Rules without writing code. Get your solution to market quickly with a platform built to make IoT simple.

                Out-of-the-box connectivity

Connect hundreds of device types and protocols out of the box to Cumulocity IoT. You’ll also get WWAN, LoRa® LPWAN, and Sigfox® LPWAN connectivity integration, OMA Lightweight M2M device integration, industrial device integration and HMI through cloud remote access.

                Extensions for customizations

Need something more from your solution? Extend it using developer tools, third-party components, APIs and SDKs.

                Plentiful data storage

Rolling device data storage is available for 14 days. Need more? No problem—simply purchase additional storage. If you are hosting Cumulocity IoT at your site, there is no extra cost for additional storage.

                Streaming analytics

Make the most of your data with self-service access to real-time streaming analytics. Apply advanced analytics to large volumes of fast-moving data. 

                Add-on options for Enterprise


Develop integrations to third-party software or provide server-side business logic. Microservices offer opportunities for improved reliability, scalability and management.

                Machine learning

You can deploy and manage machine learning models and use them to generate predictions on data gathered from your devices. Do this using either a web browser or programmatically via the REST API.

                Edge connectivity

You’ll get an on-site, single-server variant of the full Cumulocity IoT platform where you can perform data collection and analysis on your local edge servers. Analyze and aggregate data close to your assets to minimize data that’s sent to the cloud. Act on local events even when cloud connectivity is down.


With Cumulocity IoT, you can easily integrate your IoT solutions with your enterprise apps, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises. Cumulocity IoT Integration is powered by Software AG’s and includes one tenant on the Advanced Cloud. 

                Historical analytics

Add Cumulocity IoT DataHub to migrate data from your operational store to your data lake so you can conduct sophisticated analyses on historical device data. Connect to industry-standard BI tools and train machine learning models for even deeper insights.

                Solution accelerators

Build what you need faster. Our IoT Solution Accelerators are use-case-specific applications and 70% ready to go with prebuilt business rules, dashboards and other components.

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