What is cloud integration?

Cloud integration services have become a critical business priority as enterprises everywhere are increasingly turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce.com®, ServiceNow® and SuccessFactors®. Successful cloud integration enables companies to avoid creating new silos of information in cloud applications and to maintain the highest levels of security and reliability when connecting with cloud solutions.

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Cloud is an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) solution that provides all the tools you need to seamlessly integrate applications hosted in public or private clouds with applications hosted on premises.

Software AG's cloud integration solution

Delivered as a service, webMethods Integration Cloud lets anyone in the organization—not just IT professionals—seamlessly connect cloud-based SaaS applications with on-premise enterprise service bus (ESB) implementations and your enterprise architecture. By reducing reliance on IT, this cloud integration technology helps you empower your subject matter experts, providing iPaaS tools to quickly create connections between the cloud and any other application. With the ability to integrate SaaS more quickly, everyone in the enterprise can help the organization maintain agility.

Software AG’s cloud integration service provides:

  • Lightweight application integration on public and private clouds
  • Secure and reliable hybrid integration
  • Easy-to-configure cloud-to-cloud integration
  • Scalability that can be automatically managed based on usage

Comprehensive cloud integration capabilities

Software AG’s cloud integration solution provides a rich set of features that simplify business integration. An easy-to-use browser-based user interface enables “citizen integrators” to perform cloud integration quickly and easily, with wizards and guides simplifying integration tasks for non-IT users. And since the interface is built using standards-based HTML5, users can perform cloud integration from their favorite mobile devices or tablets.

The webMethods cloud integration solution comes with out-of-the-box application connectors that allow for quick connectivity to popular SaaS applications. Each application connector comes with pre-built operations and can be used to create as many accounts and operations as needed for each application.

webMethods provides full development life-cycle support. With development environments called “stages” you can promote integration flows and accounts from one stage to another to establish a rigorous software development life-cycle process in the cloud.

Mapping, transformation and enrichment capabilities include drag-and-drop transformation and mapping. A fully multi-tenant architecture enables multiple organizations to share a single development execution environment while also retaining their own production environments. And webMethods users can quickly connect their webMethods Integration Server to this cloud integration solution to create reliable and secure cloud-to-on-premises integrations.

In addition to cloud integration solutions, Software AG offers solutions for application integration, SAP integration and more.