CONNX data movement and migration

Your company’s IT portfolio is constantly changing by introducing new data systems (such as big data and the cloud), extending the usage of open source or by consolidating and replacing database systems across the organization. That’s why you need CONNX, which provides comprehensive data movement and transformation capabilities by providing connectivity to more than 150 data sources.


Whenever changes are taking place in the IT infrastructure or application landscape within an organization, there will be a need to move or migrate data among new and existing systems. There can be different scenarios, each requiring a specific set of functionality:

  • Migrating a vendor-specific RDBMS to an open-source DBMS, such as Oracle® to PostgreSQL, IBM® Informix® to MySQL®
  • Consolidating a multi-vendor RDBMS to a single or fewer RBDMS, such as Sybase® to SQL Server®, Db2® to Oracle
  • Moving data to cloud databases, such as MySQL to Microsoft® Azure® SQL Database, Oracle to Amazon® AWS RDS, SQL Server® to Amazon REDSHIFT®
  • Providing or extending Extract, Transformation, Load (ETL) capabilities to connect and transform legacy data sources to a data warehouse environment, such as OpenVMS® Rdb to Teradata®
  • Moving data from transactional databases, such as Adabas, VSAM or IMS, to a big data or data lake environment, such as Hadoop.®  

Whatever your scenario, you’re covered by CONNX.  

Key benefits

  • Access all of your data sources with standard SQL
  • Deliver your data integration projects in less time and at less cost
  • Ensure secure access to sensitive data
  • Preserve full control and flexibility using metadata management
  • Quickly adapt data transformation to changing requirements
  • Use one integrated technology to connect to 150+ data sources
  • Seamlessly move and migrate data across legacy, RDBMS, big data and cloud  

CONNX will help you quickly move and migrate data


150+ data connectors

CONNX provides standard SQL connectivity to a wide spectrum of databases (legacy, relational, big data and cloud) residing on platforms, such as mainframe, HP® OpenVMS, iSeries (AS/400), UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® and the desktop.

Standard support

CONNX DB Adapters provide read/write SQL data access supporting ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC®, J2EE® and .NET® technologies.

Comprehensive transformation

SQL-based transformation with a graphical query builder allows comprehensive mappings of tables and fields. In addition, a library of more than 100 transformation functions provides many ways to map the value of a field.

Scheduled and on-demand

Transformation settings give full control of scheduling incremental or full data movements, launching pre- or post-sync tasks, and setting up automatic email event notifications.

Metadata management

Through metadata management, you create a lexicon that combines all your data into a single, comprehensible structure without altering the source structures.

Secure access

CONNX Security is ideally suited to handle cross-platform security issues by managing multiple database logins and securing access to the data in each system.

Data replication

Enhance the CONNX platform with data replication capabilities that allow you to share data in an event-driven way leveraging Change Data Capture (CDC) technology.  

Simplified SQL data access to more than 150 data sources:

  • Adabas
  • Amazon AWS
  • C-ISAM®
  • DataFlex®
  • Hadoop®
  • IBM Db2
  • IMS
  • Infomix
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MySQL
  • Oracle®
  • PostgreSQL or EnterpriseDB
  • Rdb
  • RMS
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • Teradata
  • VSAM™
  • And more

Get your data to work

CONNX will help you to move and migrate your data wherever it is needed. Whether you want to move legacy data or relational databases to analytical systems (such as data warehouse, business intelligence, big data or the cloud) or migrate from one database to another database — CONNX is your platform of choice. And by integrating CONNX with Software AG’s suite of products, you can rest assured that your high-value data will play a key role in your organization’s digital transformation.  

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