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How to start on IT portfolio management with Alfabet FastLane

Get in the driver’s seat with Alfabet FastLane

As your IT gets bigger and more complex, it can be hard to know if your IT investments are driving innovation or holding it back. Understanding what data, KPIs, reports and steps are needed to answer that question can take years to arrive at yourself. That’s where Software AG’s Alfabet FastLane can help.  Alfabet FastLane paves the way to quickly arrive at your destination: a lean and agile IT that supports business strategy. It puts you in the driver’s seat for:  

In this interactive video, hop in, rev your engines and see how you can build an effective IT portfolio management practice with Alfabet FastLane. 

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Top 5 reasons for Alfabet FastLane
Understand which IT investments drive growth. With Alfabet FastLane, you’ll focus on what you need to know NOW to drive the digital transformation of your business. 
Just the facts on Alfabet FastLane 
Here’s a quick read on Alfabet FastLane. See how to turn IT into an engine for innovation. Alfabet FastLane makes it easy by offering ready-to-use reports and executive-ready dashboards.
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IT landscape grown hard to understand? Alfabet FastLane software as a service is a great way to quickly start managing your IT portfolio. Get started with a 30-day free trial.