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BOTS Intelligence Solutions, is a consulting firm focused and specialized in Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation, providing services for the Administration, Documentation, Mapping, Optimization, Improvement and Automation of business processes, Analysis and Improvement for the IT applications portfolio, Robotic Automation of RPA Processes and Internet of Things; to support services in private and public organizations; BOTS is formed with a base under the concepts of Business Architecture and Digital Transformation, as a mechanism for companies to transform themselves by improving their processes, applications and business operations, taking better advantage of the investments they have made in Information Technology.

Our value offer is mainly focused on covering the following items:

  • Value proposition: Improve operational efficiency, quickly and effectively.
  • Type of effort: Short projects, with moderate investment, aimed at generating value and profitability.
  • Focus: Focused 100% on transforming and streamlining Business Processes - it begins with the selection and optimization of the processes that add greater value and / or generate more costs and / or more risks to the organization.
  • Method: Application of our experience and methodology, using BPM (Business Process Management) tools and techniques combined with RPA (Robotic Process Automation).
  • Results: Generally extraordinary and immediate, directly impacting the "Customer Experience" and generating at the same time an exponential reduction in costs, risks and errors.
  • Added value: In our projects, we always incorporate the transfer of knowledge to our client.
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  • Costa Rica
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  • IT Transformation
  • Process Transformation
  • Software AG Cloud
  • Banking
  • Communication & Media
  • Consumer products
  • Energy & Natural Resources
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Eduardo Gutiérrez
Sales Director
Phone: +(52) 55 2669 6376
Address: Toltecas 166 Int K 113, Col Carola Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón CP 01180 · Mexico