What is Application Portfolio Management?

Critical to making comparisons of competitiveness

Why application portfolio management?

As IT portfolio management continues to evolve your IT environment and business, you may notice that your application portfolio may also increase in complexity. What then happens? Application portfolio management becomes quite the chore, difficult to manage and cumbersome to maintain with the need for existing application upgrades and new systems additions. Clearly the overall health and efficacy of your applications are separate from managing your IT staff resources, but just as crucial when it comes to IT resiliency and visibility.

In short, don’t just manage your IT – manage what they need! Your IT is only as effective as the tools they use and maintain for you, optimizing your entire organization.

What are the benefits of application portfolio management?

Beyond that of increasing IT investment returns, know that the easier you make it for IT, the easier it is for your organization to minimize risk when it comes to IT transformation. Given that applications, projects and technology are all interrelated, it makes sense that you’ll need the highest quality application portfolio tools and application portfolio software to not only direct your staff effectively, but maximize the systems they work with.

The very best application portfolio management solution will offer:

  • Increased business strategy alignment
  • Improved IT portfolio management
  • Consistency and transparency
  • Collaboration with stakeholders

It’s exactly why enterprise architecture relies so heavily on the health of the applications we all use

Consider any one of your specialists in IT and what they know of your organization: they may know what they need to be working on (IT portfolio management), but do they know why and when? Possibly not without application portfolio management in place to enable competitive best practices and organize all systems.With application portfolio management, IT is then empowered to consider all sorts of advancements, from upgrades to application retirement, allowing for:
  • Quick impact analysis of product launches, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Agility, reduced cost and application health improvements
  • Support toward IT risk assessments, product design and so much more

Consider Alfabet as the comprehensive IT management resource

As there are many facets to your IT, so should you have a software designed to help you manage all of it in minutes. Project portfolio management, service portfolio management, all of it: clear efficiency is at your fingertips. Learn more below!