Overview of Software AG Services 

One team focused on your success

In a world of rapidly evolving business challenges and market demands, finding the right technology and adopting it quickly is key to innovation and staying ahead of your competition. You need a trusted partner to know you’re getting the most from your technology, the first time, every time. At Software AG, we’ve got you covered. 

Key benefits

We help you accelerate your time to market

We empower you to make smarter decisions faster, and to create experiences your customers, partners and employees expect, so you can compete in this world of fast, always-evolving change.  

We leverage our experience to reach your desired outcomes

Simplifying your enterprise landscape is not just about technology. We help you succeed through the combination of deep product expertise, experience, and best practices we’ve collected from working with thousands of customers like you.

We listen and advise on your journey to success

Your success is our success. We will work with you as your trusted advisor on your journey. Listening to your challenges and working side by side with you to meet and exceed expected customer experiences - positioning you to win against your competition. 


We are with you every step of the way. Our experts are committed to your success and will do whatever it takes to help you meet your goals. We’ll be your partner to strategize, plan, build, implement and, if you need support over time, manage your solution. We’ve helped manage thousands of projects around the world to reduce complexity, make decisions faster and create value for their organizations more quickly. 

Implementation & Operations

Our 1200+ experts have deep product knowledge to help you “do it right the first time.” We work closely with Software AG R&D to make sure you get the most value from your products. We’ll move with you project by project as you mature with our products, helping you get to value fast and increase your value over time. Our services are designed with you in mind. Whether you need a short-term engagement to get started or are looking for managed services to help with your operations, we have the services you need to succeed. 

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Education & Training  

Whether you are just starting to learn about our products and solutions or are an experienced user, we have a wide range of training and certification opportunities to equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive. From self-paced training and certification courses to instructor-led tailored plans, we will meet you on your learning journey to fill skill gaps and meet your exact needs.

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Support and success go hand in hand. Whether you’re in need of help to fix technical issues or looking for guidance on how to reach your goals, our support and customer success teams can help. We’ll be your voice and advocate and help you plan to reach our desired outcomes and address your issues.

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Share your latest great idea. Download documentation, tools, and accelerators. Network with peers. Collaborate on a new process. Our Tech Community and user groups help you connect with customers like you.

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Services categories

Strategy & Alignment  

Our strategy and alignment services will help you plan properly for your project, ensure your goals are aligned with business needs, and develop a roadmap that prepares your organization for your new Software AG product.  


Advisory services leverage Software AG experience and know-how so you get insights on how best to apply our technology to specific business priorities.  


Assessments evaluate your plans and/or existing implementation to identify how to best mitigate risks and choose the right approaches, techniques, and best practices for your continued success. Includes architecture assessments, performance tuning, and product health checks.  


QuickStart packages let you experience a Software AG product through an MVP demonstration built to your specific use case and using a minimum set of features. Available for Cumulocity IoT,, and API Management.  

Get Started  

Our Get Started packages get you up to speed fast on specific product capabilities. You will work with an expert to get a guided introduction to a product, understand how to leverage best practices and lay the foundation for your digital project.   


Need assistance moving to Software AG products? Want to discuss how to transition from one implementation model to a new paradigm? No problem. Our team will work with you to migrate your existing solution to your new product.  

Ecosystem Readiness  

Whether you are deploying a solution for the first time, upgrading your product, or migrating to the cloud; our extensive product experience will properly prepare you for a successful go-live and ongoing support of your solution. 

Managed Services  

Streamline your operations, optimize productivity, and enhance customer experience with our team of experts who can operate and optimize your platform, so your internal team can focus on strategic digital projects.   Available for all product lines.


Accelerators, such as user-interface widgets, libraries, scripts, or even applications developed to enable you to speed up the delivery of your solution.  


Support services expand your coverage and give you access to technical help to quickly identify and resolve issues getting you the prompt attention when you need them.  


Extend your team with a knowledgeable product consultant. Available through our tailored training plans or directly with a consultant, our mentoring services augment the technical skills of your team with the added benefit of valued mentorship, knowledge transition and continual performance building.  

Education & Training  

Speed up onboarding and quickly enable your team by establishing a solid understanding of product capabilities with e-learning, self-paced training, hands-on labs, remote instructor support or on-site instructor led sessions. 

Badging / Certifications  

Ensure that your Center of Excellence is up to speed on the latest Software AG innovations by leveraging our badging program. 

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