Software AG provides countless organizations with innovative technology and know-how in their search for solutions to growing social and environmental challenges. In this video four customers explain how they are using our technology to digitally transform their businesses to operate more efficiently and conserve precious natural resources.

  • Solenis LLC uses Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT to handle water treatment operating and process data and demonstrate to customers how they are performing against their sustainability benchmarks and goals.
  • Utonomy Ltd helps gas network operators reduce methane emissions into the environment by digitalizing networks and leveraging Cumulocity IoT data to reduce pressures and leakages.
  • Encevo uses ARIS Process Mining to monitor PV connection processes, accelerate PV connection installations and reach its goal of producing 25% green energy by 2030. Learn more about ARIS for sustainability.
  • Autosen delivers energy monitoring solutions for its customers by combining an energy monitoring sensor with an IO key with the support of Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT