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Deutsche Telekom Group, a tier-1 global carrier, has long maintained a leadership position in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications. The Group’s solutions promote the digitalization of manufacturing—sometimes called the Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0.

Deutsche Telekom continues to show its vibrant leadership in M2M and IoT by assembling key building blocks that integrate. In addition, Deutsche Telekom, through its IT and consultancy services company T-Systems, delivers a wide breadth of offerings to global enterprises.


  • Find a technology partner with a fully rebrandable platform
  • Quickly establish a presence in a fast-paced market
  • Launch a platform to get customers up and running in minutes 


  • Fully branded private edition of the Cumulocity IoT platform from Software AG
  • Rapid delivery of an Internet of Things proof of concept to customers


Deutsche Telekom has built a wide ecosystem of affiliates, partners and services around its “Cloud of Things” IoT platform powered by Cumulocity IoT.
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                    “‘Our solution removed many concerns about the perceived overhead for IoT deployment and allows our customers’ equipment to be connected in minutes." 

– Rami Avidan, SVP, IoT, Deutsche Telekom

                Executive summary

Technological evolution, rising consumerization and increasing global competition are driving economic change, with most organizations engaged in digital transformation to overcome new challenges and exploit new opportunities. Deutsche Telekom positioned itself in a unique way to be the partner of choice for its enterprise customers, driving digital transformation in their markets.  

The Deutsche Telekom “Cloud of Things” IoT platform powered by Cumulocity IoT allows its customers to rapidly, easily and efficiently improve the operational reliability of globally dispersed equipment, markedly improve product innovation and seamlessly adopt new service-based business models. Deutsche Telekom is a leader in delivering the promise of Industry 4.0, moving from a managed connectivity provider to a full enterprise solution provider and driving additional service revenues.    

Adding value for its enterprise customers  

Deutsche Telekom recognized that its customers, including Dürkopp Adler, Deutsche Afrika Linien, HUBTEX and Definitiv, needed to transform their businesses to remain globally competitive and innovative. The existing relationships with enterprise customers and focus on simplifying IoT adoption paved the way for Deutsche Telekom to enable its enterprise customers to easily and effectively implement end-to-end IoT solutions. Enterprise customers could thereby address the needs of their respective customers by efficiently increasing end-customer service levels and customer satisfaction, lowering operational costs and transforming from product-centric to service-centric companies.    

Recognizing that its heritage in integrated communications services, security and cutting-edge technology integration made Deutsche Telekom very well positioned to provide end-to-end IoT solutions, it decided to offer a secure, robust cloud platform to connect IoT devices and build enterprise applications. This allowed Deutsche Telekom to play a more complete role in the enterprise transformation value chain while making it easier for its customers to automate and progressively evolve their business processes.  

Deutsche Telekom “Cloud of Things” powered by Software AG

Deutsche Telekom adopted Cumulocity’s IoT platform and associated services into its “Cloud of Things” offering in 2015. These services have enabled Deutsche Telekom to provide a truly end-to-end solution, allowing enterprise customers to focus on their core business. The services provided by Cumulocity IoT allow Deutsche Telekom to address customers’ critical IoT success factors in their digital transformation, including the fast development, agile refinement and reliable deployment of commercial proof of concepts.  

The Cumulocity IoT solution adopted by Deutsche Telekom provides a fully rebranded and robust multi-tenant environment implemented in a Deutsche Telekom data center. In addition, Cumulocity offered a productized Proof-of-Concept service and go-to-market accelerators, which fulfill the critical success factors of easy development and early-life support for IoT solutions.

Main components of the solution

Cumulocity IoT platform

Rapid proof-of-concept enablement

  • Rapid delivery of an IoT proof of concept to customers
  • Businesses try, refine and validate quickly
  • Agile solution development – launch quickly, discontinue quickly 

Go-to-market accelerators

  • Speed engagement with new and existing customers
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Joint business development teams 

These services positioned Deutsche Telekom as the partner of choice for its enterprise customers in their digital transformation. Moving from a managed connectivity provider to an end-to-end provider enabled Deutsche Telekom to increase the value delivered to enterprise customers. It has been proven that the Cumulocity IoT platform increases a carrier’s overall IoT opportunity at least three-fold, because carriers can bundle device management, application management, application development and vertical services into their core IoT offerings. 

Cumulocity IoT helps carriers more than triple their IoT revenues 

According to Dr. Alexander Lautz, SVP, M2M at Deutsche Telekom, “The Deutsche Telekom ‘Cloud of Things’ offering was developed in close collaboration with Cumulocity. It has captured considerable interest from our enterprise customers and commercial deployments are underway. Our solution removed many concerns about the perceived overhead for IoT deployment and allows our customers’ equipment to be connected in minutes.” 

Deutsche Telekom’s success does not end there. In the future, Deutsche Telekom plans to use Cumulocity to further enhance the visualization tools of its IoT platform and expand its offerings to make it even easier for enterprises to connect and exploit the benefits of the “Cloud of Things."

Cumulocity IoT can help you succeed, too  

Cumulocity IoT has been the leading independent application and device management platform for the IoT since 2010. Cumulocity IoT is an open platform that provides a complete feature set for rapidly deploying IoT solutions. The key features include data collection and storage, real-time analytics, real-time visualization and IoT device management. Our open and publicly documented APIs and open UI framework enable our partners and customers to configure and extend the platform to their unique needs.    

Scalability, security and reliability are critical in IoT solutions and our origins as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, the world’s mobile broadband specialist, give us the experience of securely managing millions of devices without service interruptions. Cumulocity IoT can be deployed in a cloud and/or on-premises and enables enterprises to start small and scale out to millions of devices with the deployment model fit for their business.  

Connect anything  
Start your IoT project today with more than 100 certified and preintegrated devices. Support hundreds of different devices with our device agents. Enjoy free access to documentation, SDK and source code.    

Over any network 
Runs on all networks: cellular, fixed, low power, satellite, mesh, hybrid and private. No need to open your firewalls because our solution works without VPN. Reduce your traffic by 80 percent using our SmartREST.    

Store and manage all your asset data  
Store all information about assets, devices, configuration, measurement, events and faults in Cumulocity IoT. Group and search your inventory. Track your assets geographically. Process events and alarms in real time.    

Control your assets in real time  
Control remote devices from wherever you are, without compromising security, through Cumulocity IoT's instant push technology.    

Manage alarms and incidents
Automatically monitor device availability and manage device faults.    

Compose your own IoT app in minutes

Graphically assemble your own applications from a range of plug-ins with the Cumulocity IoT Application Builder.

Add the smart rules of your business

Create smart rules with an easy-to-use point-and-click interface. Use the rule engine to quickly realize operationally critical rules, like “Send me an email if a machine is down for 60 minutes."

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