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ARIS Process Mining Basic gives small teams everything they need to get insights from their as-is process performance. Get fact-based, flexible visualizations of your business processes and find "happy paths" that will make you more efficient. 

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ARIS Process Mining Basic

                Basic is completely free

Get the essentials with our free SaaS product, perfect for your small teams or for larger teams looking for a no-risk way to build a business case for process mining.

                Quick process health checks

Benefit from swift and easy process analysis with simple data snapshots to give you that basic overview of how your operations work.

                Easy, intuitive interface

As you track up to 250K processes, you'll discover root causes behind the worst inefficiencies, leading toward operational excellence.

Benefit from the best introduction to process mining, giving you the latest technology in process excellence.

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"Seamless integration with ease of managing changes and relevant workflows."
“Ease of use and feasibility of the relevant workflows and its dependencies”
"Best tool for process mining"
“It is very user friendly, you don't have to roam across multiple things you will get what you want at your place. Easy to use. The best part is it is smooth.”
"ARIS process mining helps to find bottlenecks & improve the efficiency of processes."
“Makes process more efficient, find opportunities to increase throughput using process mapping”
"Best tool to Analyse and improve processes"
“Ease of integration, analysis, flexibility”
"Indepth Process analysis resulting in identification of improvement areas & automation opportunities"
“Process Discovery – View of actual Process on-ground (Process Flow for different variants)”

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