ARIS Process Mining Advanced

                Take your process mining maturity to the next level with more comprehensive features

                Process mining for all

Make process mining insights and collaboration available across your organization with ARIS Process Mining Advanced. With a platform that is ready to scale, business experts across your organization can access and learn from process data to make better decisions.  

Why you’ll love
ARIS Process Mining Advanced

                Increased process data analyses

With up to 1K analysts benefiting from direct access, you'll now have more space for a wider range to import increasingly sophisticated data.

                Living system connections

Connect your platform to SAP, and many others, coming soon to the Advanced. Reap the quality benefits of easy integration in no time.

                Continuous monitoring

You'll need continual process monitoring of up to one million processes in this version, giving you easy access to end-to-end diagnostics.

Leverage the full repository you have with ARIS Process Mining Advanced. Find out how in this webinar.

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