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Analyze, aggregate & act on IoT data at scale

An IoT digital twin is a digital representation of a real-world entity, such as a device or a manufacturing production process. With Software AG, you can build an IoT digital twin for any purpose, with no limit to the devices or systems you can connect. Gain insights that help you drive better products, optimize operations, cut energy usage and costs, improve production quality, and create unrivaled customer experiences.

Smart equipment, whether it’s a factory paint robot, a wind turbine, or a smartphone, is outfitted with various sensors that measure key areas of functionality. The sensors transmit equipment performance data such as power output, energy usage, temperature, maintenance needs, and more. Once processed, the data is applied its digital twin.

Easily integrate sensor data with any system for fast data aggregation, enrichment, visualization and analysis. With digital twin insights, the possibilities are endless. Run simulations, study performance issues and generate possible improvements—all to make your physical equipment as efficient as possible.

Simplify onboarding and managing all your devices using one console with Cumulocity IoT device management. Using self-service analytics, process engineers and operators can easily search for trends and question process data directly—on their own, without the help of a data scientist. 

                Discover the transformation possibilities with IoT digital twin

                    Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager

Discover our newest pre-packaged Cumulocity IoT application allowing for a self-service application building experience at scale:

  • Bring devices into business context
  • Visualize and interact with assets
  • Interface towards business processes
  • Reflect the actual hierarchy and monitor all important properties at one place.
  • Contextually visualize and analyze that data
  • Sync across Multi-tenant architecture

                    Create solutions around business assets instead of IoT devices

The Digital Twin Manager allows Solution Administrators to create solutions around business assets instead of IoT devices. Manage & maintain complex asset structures, asset meta-data, the hierarchical relationships amongst the assets, and link IoT sensor data from connected devices to the assets, for the enrichment of digital twin representations, resulting in a greater understanding of your connected assets.

                    Real time smart insights

Cumulocity IoT provides a comprehensive set of streaming analytics and machine learning capabilities to make the digital twin actionable in real time. Easily create forecasts of future states and behavior, such as the automated calculation of the remaining useful life (RUL) of a component.

                    Digital Backbone as the foundation to a connected enterprise

Connect the digital and physical world — empower your customers to become truly connected enterprises. Our digital twin capabilities are not limited to IoT. From creating, managing, visualizing, and analyzing device and asset twins, through self-service tools; to hybrid integration & API management, building and managing more sophisticated system twins, to give you a detailed overview of your connected enterprise.

                    Manage at scale with IoT device twins

Design, manage and visualize digital twins of complex assets and asset hierarchies. Let's say you have hundreds of assets, each equipped with many different types of sensors. By creating digital twins of them, you can manage those dispersed assets remotely from a single dashboard to monitor their condition and assure quality. A world-leading wind turbine manufacturer uses digital twins with Cumulocity IoT to manage remote equipment, each consisting of up to 100 controllers, across many networks.

                    Modernize with IoT-as-a-service twins

Transition from an equipment manufacturer to an equipment-as-a-service provider to create new revenue. By building IoT-as-a-service twins with Cumulocity IoT, a leading life science company integrates consumption data of its assets with a monetization platform to offer usage-based subscriptions. Let us help you put new digital models to work for your business.

                    Monitor plants with IoT process twins

Create digital representations of your operational processes in addition to your physical machines. Our customer, a maker of building products, uses digital twins of its manufacturing processes to derive analytics-driven insights. These insights help improve quality while reducing cost.

                    Equipment monitoring and maintenance for efficient operations

Cumulocity IoT helps accelerate time to value through an open platform with powerful self-service capabilities. See how easy it is to connect and manage your equipment, quickly develop IoT apps, and analyze IoT data across your business for more efficient equipment maintenance and monitoring. Discover how Digital Twins help you gain insights and act on them quickly to improve operational efficiency, production quality and customer satisfaction.

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