Cumulocity IoT platform

You’re under pressure to get started with the Internet of Things and prove a return on investment quickly. Or maybe you had to stop an IoT project because it got too complicated. Meet the platform that makes IoT simple: Cumulocity IoT, an open IoT platform that comes with device connectivity and management, application development, integration tools and self-service analytics out of the box to turn IoT data into actionable insights without writing code.

Top reasons to choose Cumulocity IoT

1. Start fast and reduce time to ROI

Cumulocity IoT is a market-leading IoT platform that enables businesses to build IoT solutions that can deliver value in as little as 90 days. Create a solution without coding by leveraging self-service applications including Analytics Builder, Application Builder and Digital Twin Manager. Simply “point and click” to apply data science techniques to get maximum value from your IoT data.

Connect 100+ device types, including those on low-power WAN, and 300+ protocols out of the box. Integrate third-party apps and systems—again, without coding—to automate actions, workflows and processes across OT and IT assets. You’ll have access to a wide range of professional services to help you achieve faster ROI from your IoT initiative. 

2. Scale easily to minimize long-term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cumulocity IoT is an open platform that works with any device, Infrastructure as a Service or network (including Wi-Fi, mobile and LPWAN). Companies can connect and manage any asset and analyze any amount of data automatically and in real time in any public or private cloud, at the edge, or in any hybrid environment. Add new features fast by developing microservices once and deploying across all environments. From one console, you can onboard and manage devices including bulk registration and over-the-air updates.

3. Evolve with the market by innovating new services and novel business models

Innovate on the only completely open IoT platform and free your business from the constraints of any one technology stack. Because you’ll be using open standards, you’ll be able connect any “thing” today and tomorrow. That means you can bring your own hardware and tools and pick the components that best fit your business. You’re also free to run your solution wherever you need it—cloud, on-premises and/ or at the edge—and do analytics anywhere, for example, at the edge near data sources. Easily evolve and expand your IoT solution using a building block approach as your needs change over time. 

Get beyond IoT trials and make your IoT a platform for innovation. By choosing a platform built on 10+ years of experience and best practices, you’ll be using a solution that comes ready to go with device connectivity and management, application enablement and integration tools, as well as the leading streaming analytics engine. Rather than reinventing the wheel, your team can focus on the fun stuff; that is, building differentiating logic and applications on top. Looking to provide IoT services? You can have that too with a re-brandable platform that securely hosts many tenants, your customers, partners and subsidiaries.

More reasons to innovate with Cumulocity IoT

Easy-to-use self-service analytics

Ultimately, the value of IoT lies in the insights discovered in the data you collect and the often transient events they represent. Without the ability to analyze and act on this data in real time, the value of the data is lost. Cumulocity IoT provides visual, streaming and predictive analytics to simplify your operations, increase efficiencies across your organization and create value-added services for your customers.

Market-leading integration

Easily integrate device data with enterprise apps, cloud apps, big data apps, data lakes and third-party ecosystems to bridge your OT and IT systems. More than 170 prebuilt connectors and “recipes” accelerate common integration tasks with connectivity to SAP®, AWS S3, Salesforce®, ServiceNow®, Microsoft® Dynamics®, Zendesk®, Zuora® and many more.  

Customization through microservices

Add new functionality easily. With microservice hosting and a software development kit, developers can easily extend platform functionality with third- party components, custom integration with ERP and CRM systems, real-time and batch analytics, back-end applications and server-side agents, such as tracker and LPWAN, using the microservice SDK or Docker® containers.

Native multi-tenancy

Cumulocity IoT is built to deliver true multi-level, multi-tenancy as a native feature. This means that different business units within an organization can share the same platform with strict controls in place for secure data segregation where needed.  

Rebrandable platform

For enterprises wishing to resell IoT products or services to their users or end customers, Cumulocity IoT provides a turnkey rebrandable platform to OEM from public or private cloud. Manage all your customers together on one platform with 100% secure data segregation. Onboard end customers using UI templates or REST API and report on their usage statistics. Rapidly develop applications for your customers from pre-packaged solutions.

Carrier-grade security and availability

Your security, privacy and data ownership matter. That’s why Cumulocity IoT delivers proven carrier-grade features, such as secure multi-tenancy, scalability, high availability, encryption and more security measures. We have been certified using some of the world’s strictest security assessments and use the world’s most secure hosting services. has rated our encryption level as exceeding that of some banking sites. Your data is yours and stays yours, even if you decide leave us.

IoT you can trust

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT is a consistently rated a leader by the analysts, from device management to the edge. See all awards and recognition at

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