CONNX data integration platform

Data integration is a strategic requirement to drive new business and digital transformation initiatives. The ability to move and share data is becoming a competitive differentiator. CONNX provides rapid results with comprehensive data integration capabilities across distributed and heterogeneous data landscapes.

New business projects and digital transformation initiatives drive requirements to integrate enterprise data sources. Data sources, which are spread across the organization, reside in different database systems and on a variety of IT platforms. CONNX provides unique capabilities to make this data available fast, secure and in a standard fashion:

  • CONNX provides connectivity to a wide spectrum of databases (legacy, relational, big data and cloud) residing on platforms, such as mainframe, HP® OpenVMS, iSeries (AS/400), UNIX®, Linux® and Windows®
  • CONNX offers data access, virtualization, movement, migration and replication in one integrated environment
  • CONNX is easy to use and delivers rapid results to accelerate data warehouse, business intelligence, big data, cloud or digital transformation projects

Key benefits

Connect to 150+ data sources

Connect to 150+ data sources on mainframe, OpenVMS, iSeries, UNIX®, Linux® and Windows® platforms.

Unique support for legacy data

Access legacy and non-relational data sources, such as Adabas, VSAM, IMS, Rdb and RMS, in an easy, comprehensive and standardized way without disrupting operations.

Works with big data and cloud

Integrate legacy and on-premises data source with big data (such as SAP HANA®, noSQL and Hadoop®) and cloud (including Amazon® RDS, Amazon REDSHIFT® and Microsoft® Azure®) platforms.

Support many use cases

Use one technology for a variety of data integration scenarios, such as data access, virtualization, movement, migration, synchronization and replication.

From batch to real time

Depending on business and IT requirements, data can be moved in batch or in real time.

Rapid results

Gain a competitive advantage by easily implementing data integration solutions.

Proven reliability

Our technology is being used at several hundred customer sites as a reliable platform to share data within enterprise and government organizations.

Quickly access, move and replicate data

CONNX Data Integration Platform

Get your data at work

CONNX will help you to move your data wherever it is needed. Whether you want to access or migrate legacy data to modern data platforms (such as big data and the cloud) or if you have a project request to implement specific data integration solutions, CONNX is your platform of choice. And by integrating CONNX with the Software AG’s suite of connected solutions, you can rest assured that your high-value data will play a key role in your organization’s Digital Transformation.
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