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Leverage the power of both Software AG and AWS to transform your business. Together, they help you create faster, simpler, and more secure migrations that help you modernize your infrastructure, innovate and outpace your competition. 

We enable customers to go beyond the limitations of today’s integrationbusiness process managementIT transformation, and Internet of Things solutions by accelerating their cloud journey across their whole enterprise.

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AWS recognizes Software AG as a global leader in helping customers drive innovation by getting the value that they need from their data.

Amplifying IoT potential through Cumulocity IoT, webMethods, and AWS 

Flexco, a leading industrial conveyor belt products and services company deployed live remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The result? The ability to cut back on operating costs while boosting production at customer sites around the world. Flexco has helped its customers achieve a $1.12M improvement in production output per year, avoid $144K in lost production time, and save a particular site $24K in materials and $33K in reallocated labor.
What can you do with Software AG and AWS?

Simplify your migration to the cloud

Simplify your migration to AWS and keep your environments in sync using StreamSets’ pre-built connectivity to many different data sources and powerful data transformations. Our resilient data pipelines that help manage data drift, offer a unified user experience, and centralize management across hybrid environments make it easy for enterprises to unlock data in a safe and governed way.

Create a more connected enterprise and experiences 

Use the leading unified platform for creating and managing application integrations, APIs, microservices, B2B Integrations, and managed file transfers. Create incredibly connected experiences for your customers, employees, and partners with an AI-enabled enterprise iPaaS. Democratize the process of building integrations with generative AI on AWS to boost productivity.

Define your cloud strategy and orchestrate strategic business and IT transformation

Align your organization between strategic goals, tactical execution, and IT priorities with Alfabet. Make the right cloud deployment decisions to maximize your investment in AWS and accelerate digital transformation with Software AG’s Alfabet for Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Portfolio Management.

Boost efficiency with an Integrated Management System

ARIS provides you with a process-oriented method for managing quality. It incorporates people and products, along with top-tier governance and reporting capabilities. With ARIS, Integrated Quality Management is executed and secured to ensure that your organization, products or services consistently function well. It facilitates your quality planning (documentation), quality assurance (knowledge management), quality control (tests and controls), and quality improvement (analysis and optimization).

Explore Software AG’s solutions
API, Application, and B2B Integration: Unlock data in siloed legacy systems and redeploy it in modern digital transformation projects through API-first and AI-enabled integration to drive connected customer experiences. Improve decision-making leveraging past, present, and future data. Get everything you need to break free from integration chaos. 
Data Integration: Deliver analytics-ready data through resilient and repeatable pipelines at enterprise scale that reduce costs and risks associated with data flow across the enterprise. Spend more time doing and less time fixing with StreamSets for frictionless data integration in your organization.
EA & Strategic Portfolio Management: Optimize your IT investments and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how, and why to make changes in your IT portfolio. Reduce IT complexity and costs by pinpointing redundant, overlapping, or obsolete IT assets, and get unrivaled insights into your IT landscape to speed up your cloud transformation.
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Streamline procurement with AWS Marketplace. Quickly and easily choose Software AG products to transform your business, managed from a centralized location and in a format that fits your specific needs. With 3 SaaS offers, 4 Server offers, and our new Professional Services offerings, Software AG has the solution to fit your business requirements for today—and tomorrow.
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