Data integration

                Power your cloud analytics and digital innovation with resilient data pipelines 

                Unlock data without giving up control

Regardless of your strategic goal, you need data to make it happen. Everyone in your enterprise needs data at their fingertips to deal with increasing pressure from all sides: Competitive threats, supply chain and economic volatility, changing customer expectations, and digital innovation of any kind.

Discover StreamSets, a leader in modern data integration. With the StreamSets platform, you can build data pipelines that are resilient to change and enable self-service for those who know the business and data needs best. 

                Build resilient data pipelines

Deliver analytics-ready data to every corner of your business with resilient, repeatable data pipelines.

                Deploy data to any cloud

Harness the power of data for advanced analytics, AI/ML, self-service, decision-making and smart apps on hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

                Access mainframe and legacy data

Transform mainframe and legacy data into SQL for easy access and integration with APIs, data warehouses, data-driven apps and analytics tools. 

                    StreamSets is now a Software AG company 

Truly hybrid integration is impossible without data integration. Now that StreamSets is a Software AG company, automation and transformation will be even easier with fast and flexible data access. 

                Leverage data from any source for cloud analytics and digital innovation

Spend more time innovating and less time fixing. With StreamSets, you can easily build and scale smart data pipelines to enable data-driven decision making across the enterprise. With the broadest set of connectors and hybrid deployment, you can securely bridge the gap between new and existing environments to extract the most value from your data. With support from CONNX, a champion in mainframe data integration, you are able to unlock data from mainframe to cloud without impacting business continuity. 

                    Trust in adaptable data pipelines

Use dynamic pipelines to introduce change without worrying about breakage caused by drift. Ingest more and more data without building additional infrastructure while allowing different teams to innovate at their pace, without any repercussions to the data engineering team.

                    Maximize data value in hybrid environments

Deliver continuous data to smart applications and connect your enterprise end-to-end. Capture the value of data as it moves between on-premises applications, data streams, SaaS applications, legacy data stores and cloud data platforms such as Amazon REDSHIFT®, Databricks and Snowflake.

                    Run your data pipelines where you want

Run your data pipelines in any cloud provider or on-premises environment with our flexible infrastructure change management. Instead of being tied to past constraints, you can adjust your compute resources as needed based on what’s best for your use cases right now.

                    Eliminate data integration friction

Meet the data integration needs of your end users regardless of their role, faster and with fewer resources. You’ll reduce the costs and risks associated with the flow of data across your organization and improve quicker decision-making to stay competitive and keep your business relevant.

                    Include mainframe data in cloud analytics

Use your most valuable data to increase sales, improve operations, identify fraud, improve reporting and more. Capture mainframe data through a lightweight listener to avoid consuming resources, extend existing security policies, and present data in a relational format that is easily understood and ready to be included in your cloud analytics efforts.  

                    Provide self-service with data virtualization

Create a single view of real-time data from multiple data sources on any platform, without moving it, using data virtualization. Empower developers, analysts, customers, service, partners or supply chain operations to get faster results with real-time access to data.

                    Modernize non-relational data with SQL

Transform non-relational data from VSAM, IMS,  Adabas, Rdb, RMS and other legacy data stores into standard SQL, making data easy to access from modern apps, analytic tools and data pipelines.

                    Make smarter decisions, faster

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