Business and IT insights for stronger operational resilience—and greater business value

Knowledge, readiness, and adaptability to prepare, prevent, respond and rebound—confidence at the core of your business
Laptop, investment graphs and business woman reading IPO analytics, financial charts or accounting value. Trade price, admin data analysis and profile of broker review statistics
Laptop, investment graphs and business woman reading IPO analytics, financial charts or accounting value. Trade price, admin data analysis and profile of broker review statistics
Adversity is good for business

Increased commercial connectivity, near to complete reliance on technology, sophisticated cyber criminals, and unprecedented crises all around the globe—regulators in all industries are responding to protect consumer and citizen interests with sharper statutes on operational resilience.

What’s the answer? Full transparency into your processes, IT and data—the foundation of your business. Eliminating unnecessary complexity to reduce threats and increase agility. Mitigating risk to ensure delivery of goods and services. Great resilience—even better business.

Illutration of a user, smart phone, lock and key representing data and security protection.

                    Sustainable prevention and protection

Strategically build resilience into operations to withstand any disruption. Use best practice methodologies and frameworks to anchor safeguards and controls into daily business operations—business-aligned and compliance-conscious.
Illustration of domonios effect in business.

                    Fewer and less potent business disruptions

Identify all sources of risk, interdependencies, and the potential impact on business and IT operations. Be fully informed and in control of the service ecosystem. Include risk considerations into processes, IT solution design and IT investments.
Illustration concept of labtop with cyber security firewall.

                    Reduced costs for cyber security

... hundreds of millions of dollars per year and rising. Address underlying issues that invite risk into the organization e.g., information on processes, IT and data currently scattered across multiple tools and organizations.
Illustration concept of low and high risk levers being applied to business.

                    Efficient compliance with OR regulations

Drive out the waste and inefficiency from piecemeal risk and compliance programs that have grown organically as new regulations have been introduced. Use the savings to fund more business innovation.
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                    Gain total transparency

Centralize and document all processes, IT assets, their interdependencies, and how they relate to critical business strategies, initiatives and capabilities. Identify and classify all IT-supported business functions, processes, organizations and locations.

                    Improve governance

Assign owners to processes and IT assets and document responsibilities for risk-related roles. Capture and use policies to guide planning and change management of the operating model and its underlying IT. Build workflows to anchor risk management processes in the organization.

                    Get ecosystem clarity

Maintain and update a register of all contractual arrangements for IT services. Link critical functions, processes and IT assets to vendors and contracts for full external risk awareness and better control over 3rd party compliance.

                    Stop threats dead in their tracks

Continuously capture threats from internal and external sources and automatically assess them even as they become known in the market. Categorize, score, and associate them to the enterprise architecture to see what IT and processes are risk-exposed.
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