Business automation & connectivity

Maximize productivity by aligning your processes with your IT

Business process automation for increased productivity

Deliver unprecedented productivity gains and increased effectiveness to help you shape and scale your manual processes organization-wide. ARIS gives you a fast and efficient way to map your strategy and processes to your IT and automate them for higher productivity.

Add the power of robotic process transformation (RPA) and Internet of Things connectivity while syncing your processes to your trusted systems—like SAP solutions—to quickly move toward operational excellence.

Put bots to work for you with RPA
RPA-enabled bots built into your processes at a desktop or server can be deployed in days from ARIS—with no integrations or changes to your systems and applications.
Make IoT projects a success
Using ARIS in your Internet of Things projects ensures transparency from strategy to monitoring results. Deliver products built with smarter processes.
Get best-in-class SAP solutions
Assure success when blueprinting for S/4HANA, preparing training with SAP Enable Now or implementing SAP based on SAP Solution Manager.
Simplify process automation
Sync your operational business goals and corporate strategy with the needs of IT. Make business process automation easy and pain free with ARIS automation and connectivity.  
Explore our ARIS products
ARIS Basic
ARIS Basic is our starter edition with all the essential features for professional business process management.  
ARIS Advanced
ARIS Advanced is the next level of business process management. You gain full flexibility of method and access control
ARIS Enterprise
ARIS Enterprise offers full capabilities for business process management and enterprise-wide transformation.
The Forrester Wave™: Process Intelligence Software, Q3 2023
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360-degree view of business and IT
Reach your goal of operational excellence. With ARIS, you’ll have one process management repository for both IT and business. Business automation increases process efficiency and scalability across your organization. Make IoT processes more effective and sync with trusted systems like SAP. Analyze as-is processes, design to-be blueprints and manage your business processes.

                    Fast ROI with robotic process automation

RPA improves the cost, efficiency and quality of many back-office processes. Improve reliability through continuous delivery, accuracy in calculations and processing, and consistency by identically executing processes and tasks by using RPA. Automation helps people get more done in less time.

                    Planning an S/4HANA implementation and migration the right way

What is the best SAP implementation solution for your business? You’ll want to know this especially if you’re concerned with an effective SAP S/4HANA® implementation and migration.

                    Prepare Your Workforce for the AI-Driven Future

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in an AI-driven world. Learn practical strategies from Forrester to enhance efficiency, boost performance, and seamlessly integrate AI into your operations. Empower your employees to embrace emerging technologies and drive innovation.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
See how Bancor leveraged the power of ARIS to better align its IT processes. The result? Maximum productivity for their business - and the potential to build an API to share data.
Cenibra logo
Migrating to S/4HANA doesn’t mean processes must suffer. Learn how this Brazilian pulp manufacturer leveraged ARIS to unlock its data, optimize business processes, and lay the ground for sustainable growth.
Alicorp was set in ARIS contributing to the successful 2025 road map achievement. What they're expecting in the future: a 20% increase in efficiency. 
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Succeeding with process-driven RPA
Deploy RPA-enabled bots built into your processes at a desktop or server in days with ARIS—without creating special integrations or changes to your systems and applications.
Migrate to S/4 HANA solutions
Manage the leap to the S/4HANA environment using a process-driven solution approach. ARIS offers SAP process and system transparency, supporting all project migration phases toward S/4HANA.
Access the latest cheat sheet on SAP solutions
Blueprinting your SAP processes never looked this easy. See the breakdown for yourself and benefit from the power of ARIS.
Integrate ARIS and SAP Enable Now
Business process meets corporate enablement with the integration of ARIS and SAP Enable Now. Learn about this process-driven solution for creating training assets. Get tips for your SAP implementation.
Are you ready to make your processes excellent?
Full-scale process excellence helps you analyze, visualize and decide faster to boost efficiency, enhance agility and maintain consistency.