Business automation & connectivity

                Maximize productivity by aligning your processes with your IT

                Business process automation for increased productivity

Deliver unprecedented productivity gains and increased effectiveness to help you shape and scale your manual processes organization-wide. ARIS gives you a fast and efficient way to map your strategy and processes to your IT and automate them for higher productivity.

Add the power of robotic process transformation (RPA) and Internet of Things connectivity while syncing your processes to your trusted systems—like SAP solutions—to quickly move toward operational excellence.

                Make IoT projects a success

Using ARIS in your Internet of Things projects ensures transparency from strategy to monitoring results. Deliver products built with smarter processes.

                Simplify process automation

Sync your operational business goals and corporate strategy with the needs of IT. Make business process automation easy and pain free with ARIS automation and connectivity.  

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Process Intelligence Software, Q3 2023

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                360-degree view of business and IT 

Reach your goal of operational excellence. With ARIS, you’ll have one process management repository for both IT and business. Business automation increases process efficiency and scalability across your organization. Make IoT processes more effective and sync with trusted systems like SAP. Analyze as-is processes, design to-be blueprints and manage your business processes.

                    Fast ROI with robotic process automation

RPA improves the cost, efficiency and quality of many back-office processes. Improve reliability through continuous delivery, accuracy in calculations and processing, and consistency by identically executing processes and tasks by using RPA. Automation helps people get more done in less time.

                    Reduce SAP project duration by 40%

To ensure business processes are reflected in your SAP solution with high quality and minimal risk, ARIS for SAP Solutions connects to your SAP landscape and offers deep integration with SAP Solution Manager. Create process-based tests in ARIS for conducting end-to-end testing in SAP. Define and support requirements for successful migration to SAP S/4 HANA. Integrate to SAP Enable Now for better employee training.

                    Get more value from IoT projects

Use ARIS for your Internet of Things projects to increase knowledge and detail implementation processes for device analysis and alignment, for example. ARIS helps you ensure transparency from strategy to goal setting and results monitoring. Visualizations helps you measure performance and KPIs in real time.

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Unlock the power of process excellence with ARIS