ARIS for SAP® Solutions

Can you afford bad SAP results? Get it right with ARIS.

To apply your corporate strategy to your business processes, you need a fast and efficient way to map those processes and business concepts to your SAP environment. ARIS for SAP Solutions is your answer. It bridges the gap between business and SAP by engaging all teams, from business blueprint to go-live. Use it to accelerate designing, implementing and optimizing SAP projects. Ensure that your end users are perfectly trained with ARIS and SAP Enable Now. Last but not least, ARIS for SAP Solutions helps you to manage your migration to SAP S/4HANA® successfully.

Why ARIS for SAP Solutions?

Concentrate on business and secure your competitive advantage with a best-in-SAP-class solution. The proven ARIS solution helps you to reduce project times by up to 40 percent, accelerate rollout by 30 percent and reduce costs all along the way. ARIS for SAP Solutions connects ARIS with your SAP landscape and offers deep integration with SAP® Solution Manager and SAP Enable Now. It helps you to accelerate a successful migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Key benefits

  • Smooth SAP projects planned ahead from S/4HANA migration to world-wide rollouts
  • Optimized SAP project outcomes thanks to process focus
  • Comprehensive understanding of SAP solution including architecture & processes
  • Seamless integration of business processes and SAP environment
  • Clear communication and collaboration across all departments and locations
  • High end-user acceptance and comprehensive SAP training
  • Reduced risks with process-based and high-quality testing
  • Faster change management & continuous improvement

Key features

Design your SAP processes

ARIS for SAP Solutions supports both SAP and non-SAP modelers so that business and IT can work on common process models in one central repository (single source of truth). To design your SAP processes, a special SAP wizard guides you through creating consistent SAP processes, which are ready for synchronization with SAP Solution Manager 7.2. ARIS for SAP Solutions supports SAP-specific concepts, such as branches and
global attributes.

This ensures compliance with SAP-specific modeling conventions. To jumpstart modeling SAP processes, you can re-use SAP-related reference content, such as:
  • Software AG’s industry best-practice content package Performance.Ready
  • SAP reference models and the Process Step Library within SAP Solution Manager
  • Re-documentation results showing as-is processes based on real system usage
Align with SAP Solution Manager

Synchronizing ARIS knowledge with SAP Solution Manager ensures the implemented SAP solution is not led by technical requirements but business goals, increasing quality and minimizing risks. The business process structure synchronized between ARIS and SAP Solution Manager includes SAP-specific objects like executables as well as structural elements, such as process steps and the overarching process diagrams. The bidirectional interface also supports the download of relevant organizational and master data into ARIS, exchange documents as well as the creation and download of process diagrams, whether EPC or BPMN 2.0.

Tight integration between ARIS and SAP Solution Manager

The nature of our business demands excellent supply chain management. So, when we migrated to SAP S/4HANA, we didn’t want our processes to suffer. ARIS integrated everything seamlessly and is now the future of operational excellence in our sustainable enterprise.”

- Ronaldo Neves Ribeiro, CIO, Celulose Nipo-Brasileira S.A. (CENIBRA)
Testing to ensure success

ARIS for SAP Solutions enables process-orientated testing and eliminates double work by re-using existing ARIS process knowledge. ARIS for SAP Solutions accelerates and optimizes test design including the creation of test cases, end-to-end test case descriptions, test sequence graphs—and then transferring these test scenarios into the SAP Test Workbench or other standard test management tools for execution.

Success lies in knowledge—train end users with ARIS and SAP Enable Now

As you transform your business or implement new business-critical technologies such as SAP S/4HANA, defining and adapting your business processes is essential—but not enough. You need to ensure that all employees who are involved in changed/transformed processes are aware of their new ways of working. For this to happen successfully, they must be properly trained. ARIS is the leading tool for process design, approval and publication and supports the entire process lifecycle from strategy definition, blueprinting and testing to communication and end-user training. SAP Enable Now is the leading tool for designing, approving and publishing training. It supports rollout and change management procedures as well as the creation and delivery of e-learning and user documentation.

Together, ARIS and SAP Enable Now ensure better training for end users including process and SAP knowledge at once and communication of processes to end users.

Make sure everyone participates in the continuous improvement process

Communicate the solution and its underlying processes to end users and get feedback from your organization to improve the SAP solution and templates while under construction. Users can collaborate on a central platform and contribute their ideas immediately. Published processes are the starting point for optimization or rollout projects. Stakeholders have constant access and can review and adapt processes based on workflow-based change request management processes.

Migrate successfully to S/4HANA with ARIS for SAP Solutions

Migrating to a new SAP environment brings new challenges that affect your processes, applications and architecture. ARIS for SAP Solutions guarantees transparency and deep understanding of the impacts of the transformation towards S/4HANA.

Typically used for:

  • New SAP implementations
  • System conversions
  • Landscape transformations

ARIS is well-aligned with SAP Activate, a methodology and procedure model with best-practice content to support SAP implementations. If you’re looking to optimize your migration to S/4HANA, ARIS for SAP Solutions is your answer!

Graphic illustrating success of SAP S/4HANA

Business Process Management with ARIS catapulted us into the big leagues with regard to process optimization."

- Markus Lohrmann, Corporate Lead, BPM, Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG
When you look at your company’s success, you usually look at financial indicators like revenue, turnover and profit. In our fast-changing digital world, it’s essential to know your processes from start to finish—to see the root causes of process problems. That way you’ll know where to take immediate action to improve business performance. ARIS Process Mining lets you understand business processes to find bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Compare designed processes to as-is processes, see if they execute as planned and make changes before they impact the bottom line.

About ARIS

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ARIS is available in six different editions

More on ARIS Extensions

You can extend ARIS Enterprise just as you need it—according to your needs and projects. The ARIS extensions are here to support your expert use cases.

ARIS solutions for SAP
Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance adds capabilities for integration of regulatory demands & operational risks into a single approach and Internal Control System (ICS).

Rollout Add-ons

Rollout Add-ons set up and manage confirmation workflows.


Simulation adds capabilities to test what-if scenarios and get information about bottlenecks & improvement potentials.

SAP® Solutions

SAP® Solutions adds capabilities to support holistic implementation & rollout of SAP projects, testing, communication, training & go-live support.

Premium Document Storage

Premium Document Storage allows ARIS to be used for storage of up to 1 million documents.

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration supports users to work with SharePoint and ARIS in an integrated manner.

3rd Party Integration

3rd Party Integration allows integration with 3rd party applications based on an API.

Robotic Process Automation 

Robotic Process Automation adds a “workforce” of software robots to automate repetitive manual tasks and processes, fully integrated into your process landscape, and working in an unattended mode.

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