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Tackle Cloud Transformation with Software AG and AWS

Optimizing your cloud operations is a challenge if you don’t have the visibility to understand process conflicts and dependencies, or to identify overlapping, redundant, and obsolete systems. Additionally, expansive IT landscapes often force personnel to spend too much time and money understanding a situation rather than acting on it.

Together, Software AG and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can simplify your cloud transformation with range of solutions. Alfabet and ARIS are IT discovery and planning tools that provide visibility into the IT impacts of your changing cloud environment. Software AG’s webMethods is a complete integration platform for your cloud applications. If you’re focused on IoT adoption, Cumulocity IoT enables you to accelerate your IoT connectivity so you can manage devices and customer relationships in innovative ways.

Software AG’s deep integration with your AWS environment helps you:

  • Reshape business processes upon migration by understanding their dependencies and overlaps
  • Perpetually redesign business processes for optimal cloud sourcing
  • Transform your AWS environment by continually monitoring and evaluating your cloud landscape


Effectively Transform Your Business with Software AG & AWS

Challenges Created by Large IT Environments

Whether businesses are migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) or working to optimize their existing cloud operations, they must understand the intricacies of their IT landscape. This knowledge helps them properly plan for change and efficiently implement it. For those with large IT landscapes, this can be challenging because it is difficult to gain proper visibility into your environment. As a result, it is extremely hard to understand all process conflicts or dependencies, or to identify overlapping, redundant, and obsolete systems that could be retired. Additionally, expansive IT landscapes often force personnel to spend too much time and money understanding a situation rather than acting on it.


                    The Software AG Solution 

Planning and Transformation Tools from Software AG

Software AG’s ARIS and Alfabet help your business achieve holistic cloud transformation by supporting a deep set of interconnected portfolios across your business and IT.
This helps you understand what ramifications and implications each facet of your transformation will have on business and IT. ARIS helps you understand the most effective ways to reshape and move your business processes to the cloud by providing deep visibility into them, their dependencies, and their overlaps. You can also redesign your business processes as needed for optimal cloud sourcing. Alfabet gives you insight into IT landscape supporting the processes and helps you reduce your IT footprint by pinpointing redundant, overlapping, or obsolete IT assets. This solution supports planning of migration to the cloud and, once running on AWS, it provides support for ongoing evaluation and optimization of your IT landscape. This helps your IT teams act more efficiently and effectively on competitive transformation.

Integrate Cloud Applications with Software AG & AWS

Siloed Application Data and Process Impact

State-of-the-art cloud applications for customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing automation, and more are helping organizations improve internal operations and focus on core competencies. While these applications provide significant value, each represents a silo in the IT landscape: the data within applications can be inconsistent, incomplete, and duplicated, creating gaps in the data that is shared between applications. Additionally, many IT teams cannot keep up with the demand for integrated applications, pushing the responsibility to business analysts and non-technical users. The result is increased risk of bad datafrom manual data entry and custom integrations. The demand for integration projects can also create backlogs that are hard to keep pace with as your SaaS application portfolio grows.


                    The Software AG Solution

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Cloud

Software AG’s webMethods Integration Cloud offers a platform for businesses to inte easily integrate applications, whether they reside on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or on-premises, making sure data is consistent and usable across all of their integrated applications. Sophisticated service orchestration capabilities enable you to automate processes using a web-based development interface, while providing a central location for you to manage and monitor your integration environment. Integration Cloud covers a multitude of use cases – from big to small, simple to complex – giving businesses confidence to meet their integration needs as their application portfolios grow. Since the team implementing your SaaS applications is likely made up of both IT professionals and citizen developers, Integration Cloud provides a solution flexible enough to match your user’s skills.

Accelerating IoT Adoption Through Simplified Device and Application Management

Operational Blind Spots Lead to Missed Opportunities

Companies that manufacture or operate machinery and devices know that performance data is vital to their business. All too often, though, a lack of visibility into operations can prevent them from tracking and generating actionable data. This can keep companies from identifying operational inefficiencies and even prevent them from responding in real-time to signs of malfunction or failure. It can also mean missed opportunities to learn from and engage with end customers.


                    The Software AG Solution 

Seamless Connectivity and IoT Insights

Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) by Software AG is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) device and application management solution that delivers operational insights by allowing businesses to easily connect and remotely manage machinery and devices. Using internet-enabled sensors and Cumulocity IoT software, companies can remotely monitor and manage a range of machine conditions in real-time, including temperature, light, motion, location, and more. The performance data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then visualized and shared through a customizable dashboard.
Cumulocity IoT helps companies manage machines, devices, and other products in innovative ways. It enables practices such as predictive maintenance, which aims to prevent failures before they ever happen, and geofencing, which creates virtual barriers that control product functionality based on location. New methods of customer engagement are even made possible, including real-time delivery of promotions or surveys in response to product interactions.

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