The only tool in the market offering a true integration between process mining, process design, and risk and compliance management 

Get the key to business transformation and operational excellence

ARIS is the industry-leading business transformation suite that empowers organizations in all aspects of their business—from strategy to execution—which puts them on the fast track to sustainable and compliant operational excellence. It is the independent all-in-one suite ​that grows with your needs.​

What if you could?

  • Quickly react to changing market conditions and optimize your processes to improve productivity across your business. 
  • Offer the best product and services based on processes that are built around your customers.
  • Avoid potentially million-dollar fees as a result of compliance breaches.
  • Improve the speed and quality of your business transformation to pave the way for long-term success.
  • Compare planned and executed processes to make changes risk-free—before they impact your bottom line.
  • Simulate and analyze process optimization scenarios to determine the best ways to improve.

We were constantly reworking our processes and there was little control or guidance. With ARIS we now have complete visibility and control of processes worldwide.”   

- Tesco Global

Making change happen

ARIS offers a unique out-of-the-box combination of capabilities to support the complete transformation lifecycle, from strategy to implementation and monitoring. It is the only tool in the market that offers a true integration between process mining, process design, and risk and compliance management. That means it is uniquely able to handle the complete process improvement lifecycle.

ARIS fits all your needs with comprehensive capabilities

Mature capabilities support your business and stakeholders for all their plans.

Bring strategy to life

Design, analyze, optimize, and communicate business processes to achieve excellence of your business. ARIS translates a strategy into an operating model even with an adapted business model in a short time to respond to changing business and market requirements more quickly..

Make sure everyone is on the same page and changes are managed.

Rollout and change management is a crucial aspect in every successful transformation. To achieve such a successful transformation, operating procedures and policies—stored and shared in a single source of truth—must be rolled out to your entire organization.ARIS allows you to share what you want with whom so you can include all your stakeholders on a flexible, collaborative platform.

Bring processes to life

Business automation provides a set of tools that help to automate business processes. This includes RPA as a general technological approach but also process-driven SAP and IoT management.

Get in-depth business insights

ARIS Process Mining lets you understand your process data and their dependencies to find patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement. You can compare designed processes to as-is processes and see if they execute as planned to make changes before they impact your bottom line. Simulate and analyze process optimization scenarios to determine the best path to improvement.

Be in total control of your business

ARIS enables risk and compliance management through flexible implementation and efficient operation of an enterprise-wide system. Easily manage regulatory compliance - and prove it to all stakeholders with audit-proof documentation.

Align business and enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architecture Management enables the design, analysis and transformation of the enterprise architecture. Record and plan IT assets like applications, technologies or information in conjunction with business processes.

Anchor sustainability in your organization's day-to-day operations

ARIS for sustainability helps you build a more environmentally and socially focused business, and helps you manage the often complicated governance related to it. ARIS establishes a direct link between strategy and organizational processes so that you can show real evidence of how sustainability measures are put into practice.

Not only do we now have a clear picture of our internal processes, but we can also share them directly with business stakeholders or even regulatory agencies. Transparency. Efficiency. Better customer experience. These are just three benefits of working with ARIS.”   

- Sekerbank
ARIS offers extensive modeling capabilities with process mining overlay and important KPIs for combined views
Get in-depth business insights and make the right decisions with ARIS Process Mining

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ARIS is available in six different editions

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You can extend ARIS Enterprise just as you need it—according to your needs and projects. The ARIS extensions are here to support your expert use cases.

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Business Process Management with ARIS catapulted us into the big leagues with regard to process optimization.”

- Markus Lohrmann, Corporate Lead, BPM, Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG

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