Smart connected products

                Climb the IoT maturity curve to transform your business—and lead your industry

                Create more value with smarter equipment

How can you accelerate product development cycles and generate resilient revenue through new services? Leverage IoT connected products to offer your customers new value-adding digital services and create loyalty through an improved customer experience.

Smart connected products enable you to deliver new innovative solutions: remote monitoring, smart field services and performance management. But it doesn't end there. As your IoT maturity increases, you'll be ready to transform your business model and offer Equipment-as-a-Service to build even greater value for both you and your customers.

The numbers tell the story:

$131 billion

size of the Equipment-as-a-Service market expected by 2025, a 6x increase from 20191


of McKinsey Machinery & Industrial Automation survey respondents expect to change their business models to be successful in the future2


of equipment suppliers are evaluating, planning or offering EaaS1

                “The concept of make, sell, ship is history right now.”

- Vele Galovski, VP, Research, Field Services & IoT, TSIA

                How to climb the IoT maturity curve

Your journey to making smart connected products isn't all or nothing. Take steps up the IoT maturity curve and create value at each phase. Technical capabilities go hand in hand with your evolving business strategy to offer new value-added connected products and services. As your IoT maturity increases, you'll have everything you need to transition to an Equipment-as-a-Service model.

                    5 leaders building value with smart equipment

See how manufacturers using connected industrial equipment are increasing operational efficiency and generating new revenue. With instant insights into performance they're reducing costs, boosting performance, increasing uptime—and enhancing their value to customers. Are you ready to adopt a new business model for a truly connected world?

                    Connect equipment to boost revenue

Make more money by becoming a smart equipment maker. Firms that connect products using Cumulocity IoT increased incremental revenue by 125% over 3 years from advanced IoT analytics and increased win rate up to 50%. Learn more in this Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Software AG. 

                    Learn the secret to revenue resilience

Our customers with smart connected products, on average, increase services revenue 30.5 percent, decrease maintenance costs 50 percent, and experience a 23 percent increase in uptime. Are these measurable results you'd like to achieve? Details in this webinar.

                    See how to connect equipment faster

Finding the right IoT partner is the most efficient way to become a smart equipment maker. You'll need IoT analytics to see how to prevent problems with your products and reduce maintenance costs. You may also need a network of experts to guide you. Learn more about the easy-to-rebrand Cumulocity IoT platform.

                    Bet your future on IIoT

Level up your operations using smart connected machines, real-time data analytics and monitoring on the Industrial IoT (IIoT). Imagine what you can do with a connected manufacturing solution. 

                    IoT Buyer's Guide

Looking to connect and monitor industrial equipment and create value-added IoT-enabled services that significantly differentiate your products and create new revenue streams? Read this guide to help you find the best IoT platform that enables this and delivers the outcomes you want and need.

                    See, decide & act with Software AG

Create resilient revenue by becoming a smart equipment maker
1. IoT Analytics, Equipment as a Service Market Report 2020-2025; 2. Changing market dynamics – Capturing value in machinery and industrial automation, McKinsey