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Make the connected products that empower patients to live with more independence and less worry and assure more efficient healthcare delivery. That's what IoT in healthcare can do. Your IoT innovation might help a person monitor a chronic condition in real time, or use AI to predict accurate treatments, or accelerate the development of new lifesaving medicine, even prevent the next pandemic.

Dream big. The world is counting on connected healthcare. Let us help you be first to market with medical innovations made for our connected world. 

Why smart medical devices? Why now?

$322 billion

Size of IoT healthcare market by 2025, CAGR of 29.9%1


Growth in connected healthcare devices from 2021 to 20242


Of all data produced by hospitals each year goes unused3

                    It's time to transform healthcare with IoT

Know the challenges of IoT so you're prepared to deliver the smart medical products the healthcare industry expects. Beecham Research surveyed 18,000+ healthcare specialists about their aspirations for IoT to improve patient outcomes and processes. Discover 10 ways to overcome common challenges of delivering your IoT solution in this 20-page report.

                    Forging the path to a smart hospital

Stuart MacLellan and his team are helping shape the digital transformation of South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, part of the UK’s national healthcare system. The Chief Technology Officer believes that, aside from technology, what counts most in digitalization are the people and the right environment that you create. See how IoT is helping him forge the path to a smart hospital.

                    Meet the pros at connected products

Life sciences companies are leading the way in connecting their products to create resilient revenue. They're moving from equipment-only sales to digital services and software. Learn more about the business value of making smart, connected products and meet five companies succeeding at it.

                    Meet the platform that speeds results

Connected healthcare products have the power to make the world healthier and to save lives. Let us help you do that faster. Software AG offers the #1 low-code, self-service IoT platform—the only one that comes with the tools like device management and advanced analytics to accelerate results.
1 - Meticulous Research, Internet of Things in Healthcare, February 2019. 2 - Omdia, IoT Forecast: Connections, Devices and Service Revenues (Total AddressableMarket), 2018-24, August 2020. 3 - World Economic Forum, Four ways data is improving healthcare, 2019. 

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