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Efficient production of clean, renewable energy is a must to meet the unquenchable demand for power in the next decades. Also high on the priority list: reducing lost water. Utilities are pressed to deal with many challenges—each of high importance—while they contend with delivering dependable services on aging infrastructures and meeting changing regulations and growing reporting requirements.

It’s time to get smarter about IoT for utilities by connecting and managing every “thing” from hydroelectric turbines to wind farms and water meters. Imagine how you can operate smarter with Software AG's Cumulocity IoT.

                    Smart plants

With a sensor-embedded infrastructure, you can detect in real time changes in vibration, temperature and moisture. Using this data, you can prevent outages, make workplaces safer and avoid rework. Imagine predicting maintenance needs to avoid downtime and protect revenue. You can do that with smart remote monitoring on the IoT.

                    Smart grid

Deliver electricity sustainably, efficiently and securely using smart power grids. Monitor energy consumption in real time and distribute utilities based on consumption—for example, supply more power to industrial zones. By using live IoT data for demand-based power generation and distribution, you can lower operating costs, increase efficiency and meet environmental goals.

                    Smart cities

Smart cities built on IoT solutions improve quality of life. Communities thrive with safer streets, smart buildings, efficient water and energy use, and even smart trash removal when assets are connected and managed on an IoT solution that analyzes real-time streaming data.

                    Asset optimization

Advanced distribution management systems using IoT-enabled technologies can reduce outages as much as 60 minutes by providing accurate predictions of incident locations and identifying nested incidents. An IoT overlay complementary to SCADA can help you optimize assets as well as inform and automate workflow processes.

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