IoT for telecom

                Connections are your business. Make them stronger on the Internet of Things.

Telecommunications reimagined with IoT

You’ve built your business on providing the infrastructure that connects us all. Now connect all “things” for a fluid flow of data on an IoT telecommunications platform. Conceived and built for a telco, our Internet of Things platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, including Deutsche Telekom.

We make it easier for you to capitalize on your IoT strategy to strengthen your customer connections, create new revenue sources and improve efficiencies. Explore these ways to use the IoT for telcos, and imagine what you can do with a solution from Software AG.

                    Deliver IoT services at less cost with less work

See how Cumulocity IoT reduces operational costs by up to 75% compared to previous platforms and cut licensing costs by 30% through platform consolidation. Explore more economic benefits in the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ spotlight study. 

                    Expand your IoT services portfolio

Rebrand our platform as your own in a few clicks to deliver smart IoT solutions. Empower your customers do something meaningful with IoT data—like asset tracking or device monitoring. You’re assured of carrier-grade features—like secure multi-tenancy—when you use Cumulocity IoT. Connect and manage the widest number of devices and gateways out of the box. Onboard thousands of devices at once. Save time with self-service connectivity, integration and analytics.

                    Connect smart cities

As a telco, you’re well positioned to provide the infrastructure smart cities need—acting as the “systems integrator” of stakeholders such as municipalities and subcontractors. By offering a smart city platform on the IoT, you can enrich your communities with smart services that improve quality of life. Citizens can enjoy better parking, safer streets, efficient water and energy use, and many Internet-enabled smart apps.

                    Boost your uptime, efficiency & safety 

By deploying sensors on every “thing” from cell towers to generators, you can improve reliability, safety and security. By analyzing streaming real-time data, you can see performance issues immediately. Add predictive analytics to forecast and fix problems before customer impact. We’ll show you how to use the IoT to optimize your operations with remote monitoring and maintenance.

                    A1 Digital: Building a flexible IoT solution

A1 Digital helps its customers monitor and manage machines, facilities and fleets from a single, scalable platform. Solution Manager Christoph Marschall explains how Cumulocity IoT provides an open, flexible IoT platform that helps ensure that all devices and connectivity methods work together effortlessly.

                Our customers – truly connected enterprises

“The Cumulocity IoT platform will enable us to both increase the pace of innovation and to reduce the time to globally deploy IoT services to meet the new and evolving needs of our customers.”

- Director of Digital Business, Telefónica

“With Cumulocity IoT, our customers will be able to better manage their resources, parking, water, environment, efficiently control energy usage, manage traffic, and take advantage of numerous other applications.”

- IoT Solution Advisor, POST Luxembourg 

“Since partnering with Software AG we’ve rolled out a number of game-changing IoT services ... Cumulocity IoT allows us to quickly meet evolving requirements in the dynamic IoT market and to expand our portfolio of services.”

- Managing Director of IoT, KPN

                    Ready to triple 
your IoT revenue?

MachNation expects communication service providers to triple their Internet of Things revenue by 2025. Find out how.

                    Triple your ROI in IoT

Explore the cost savings & business benefits of Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform