Simplified connectivity—for world class telecommunications

two men and one woman looking at laptop on coffee table
two men and one woman looking at laptop on coffee table
Harness innovation for a faster tomorrow
Most telecommunications firms know a thing or two about connectivity. Since the days when landlines and cable TV ruled the industry, success has hinged on the ability to link customers to the wider world—in a reliable, interactive, and cost-effective manner. Today, this centers around the fast, efficient rollout of 5G, and the investments in technologies and infrastructure needed to make it happen. Building 5G services that stand out demands a smart approach to integration—to better connect systems, applications, and data, and propel innovation.

                    Customer experience & trust

Harness data to introduce new targeted offerings and drive customer engagement. Identify possible churn in the existing user base and develop strategies to retain those customers. 

                    5G stand-alone & cloud

Unlock the power of 5G and its possibilities. Introduce new applications and migrate workloads to the cloud to take advantage of new core network capabilities.

                    IT modernization

Utilize existing investments in mainframe, on-prem, and public and private cloud applications. Innovate with the confidence that your legacy systems won’t hinder new projects.

                    Mobile private networks & EDGE Compute

Embrace the rise of private network infrastructure and its many business opportunities. Move beyond traditional connectivity—on prem, or from the network edge.

                    Sustainability & compliance

Employ advanced analytics to gain real-time insights into your energy usage. Drive infrastructure changes to help meet sustainability goals and those of your customers.
The world’s telecoms trust webMethods
How webMethods can help

                    Achieve centralized control

Control a distributed network of integrations—including APIs, EDI, and MFT—all from one centralized location. Run complex transactions, simplify compliance, and gain transparency throughout your operations and those of your partners.

                    Develop and deploy anywhere

Design, develop, and deploy integrations with ease—and without the need for specialized dev and ops teams from IT. These simplified configurations offer greater agility to connect with your partner ecosystem.

                    Turn data into opportunities

Analyze actual vs. stated capabilities, monitor real-time performance, and uncover problems before they have an impact. Use built-in lifecycle management to drive significant cost savings—and a better customer experience.
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