Flexible integration for smart digital banking

Integrate data from all your banking systems—to drive new streams of revenue and give your customer experience a boost.
Your bank’s growth hinges on connectivity
Success in today’s world of banking means embracing the shift to digital: from apps that let customers move money with the tap of a smartphone to banking-as-a-service models that drive new streams of revenue through innovative partnerships. To master these new services, your enterprise needs the power of data. It also needs the right integration platform to connect your IT systems and those of your partners—and ensure your data is safe from external threats.

                    API-based products and services

Offer a suite of APIs that enable third-parties to securely link with your core banking systems. Facilitate the sharing of information needed to launch open banking, embedded finance, and banking-as-a-service partnerships.

                    Real-time customer engagement

Use advanced analytics to better understand the needs of your customers and provide them with real-time, personalized offerings.

                    Enhanced customer experience

Make sure your customer experience is as seamless as possible—by automating key processes and introducing high-performing apps and user interfaces.

                    Increased operational resilience

Boost your operational resilience against external threats and system failures—including cyberattacks, technology outages, pandemics, and natural disasters.

                    ESG-related products and services

Develop new products and service offerings, including green and social loans, that are in line with your bank’s SDG/ESG strategy. Finance your customers’ climate-related investments through product innovation and more sophisticated risk-based pricing.

                    ESG reporting

Automate the reporting of data related to SDG and ESG commitments. Align systems, structures, and processes around new disclosures.
The world's banks trust webMethods
How webMethods can help

                    Achieve centralized control

Control a distributed network of integrations—including APIs, SWIFT, and MFT—all from one centralized location. Run complex transactions, simplify compliance, and gain transparency at every step of your operations.

                    Develop and deploy anywhere

Design, develop, and deploy integrations with ease—and without the need for specialized dev and ops teams from IT. These simplified configurations offer greater agility to connect with your logistics ecosystem.

                    Turn data into opportunities

Analyze actual vs. stated capabilities, monitor real-time performance, and uncover problems before they have an impact. Use built-in lifecycle management to drive significant cost savings—and a better customer experience.   
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Easily integrate your applications, data, B2B, events and APIs across your entire organization.