React faster with event-driven integration

Make the real-time connections you need to operate in an event-driven architecture.  

Event-driven innovation using integration
Deploy a composable architecture that offers the building blocks you need to say “yes” to real-time business demands and build better experiences for customers, employees and partners. Thrive in an event-driven ecosystem.
Advance your integrations
Create integrations that can handle the demands of modern business—with faster connections and a faster stream of real-time data.
Build event-aware services
Make sure the services you build react to your business as it happens. When it comes to maintaining your edge, every nanosecond counts. 
Compose solutions that work everywhere
Events communicate changes as they’re happening across your APIs, integrations and data pipelines. That way, everything can work together without delay.
See it for yourself!
Get a personalized demo to see how you can drive faster innovation with faster integrations.
What makes webMethods and StreamSets different?

                    Event connectors

Use one of our pre-built connectors for popular event streaming technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs and Google Datastream, to tap into event streams to drive real-time decisions without having  to start from scratch.

                    Composable event architecture

Build better customer experiences faster and in a more resilient way. Take advantage of the benefits events can bring to your enterprise by using APIs to deliver core services and webhooks to trigger automated workflows. Quickly assemble reusable, responsive apps that communicate efficiently across your business.

                    Automatically adapt to change

Establish data pipelines that can adapt without breaking. StreamSets' pipelines proactively adapt to change by monitoring, alerting, and taking prescriptive action to keep your data flowing. StreamSets makes it easy to build data pipelines that capture event streams for streaming analytics to fuel real-time applications. 

                    Event-driven business

Create event-driven services that run anywhere—including any cloud provider or on-premises environment. Provide agile, synchronized responses so you can react to customer needs and adjust resources on the fly.  Enjoy faster and more informed decision-making so you can adapt to changing circumstances.

                    Unified integration platform

Create event-driven integrations that work across a unified experience – including application, API, and B2B - so you can trust that your event triggers will be communicated everywhere. Eliminate gaps and disconnects between integration patterns.
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