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Only 5 percent of enterprises are true “disruptors” says IDC. What sets them apart? They compete not just on quality and cost but on how they use real-time data. 

What if you could collect, analyze and monitor data from any “thing”? Use self-service, real-time streaming analytics to visualize IoT data? Empower your colleagues, customers and partners to capitalize on IoT data? 

Get ready to disrupt when you use Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT. You can turn real-time data into insights, opportunities and innovations in any industry. See how easy it is to build an IoT solution with Cumulocity IoT, the #1 low-code, self-service IoT & analytics platform.

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Meet five manufacturers that are using IoT for operational efficiency, new revenue and a connected customer experience. 

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We're here to help you be successful at IoT. Our Professional Services experts offer a range of ways to support your projects to help you get quicker business results.

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