IoT solution accelerators

                Quickly capitalize on your IoT strategy with customizable solutions 

                Build what you need faster with IoT solution accelerators

Is there such a thing as instant IoT? Almost. Software AG has teamed with industry experts to create solution accelerators for Internet of Things projects. Add your unique logic to industry-specific IoT applications that are easy to customize—ideal for resellers.

                Get IoT-enabled fast

Use proven industry blueprints for IoT success built on the #1 application enablement platform.  

                Reduce development costs

Accelerator applications are 70% ready to go. Launch your IoT solution in days—not months.

                Make the solution your own

Stamp solution accelerators with your corporate ID design. Simply add your customizations on top.

                Accelerate time to value with IoT accelerators

Get IoT enabled with solution accelerators. Our industry-specific IoT applications are built in partnership with experts in their fields.

                    Manage water intelligently with IoT

Leverage our solution for IoT water management that combines best practices from the water industry, IoT expertise and our market-leading IoT device connectivity and management platform. Reduce leakage and energy costs, shut off “lost” revenue due to theft, and increase customer satisfaction. Achieve value quickly via a powerful self-service environment that comes with out-of-the box applications.

                    Automate building management 

Operate smart and safer IoT-enabled properties with our IoT Solution Accelerator for Building Management. This out-of-the-box IoT accelerator is for companies who want to create, use or sell building automation applications or solutions. Prebuilt and prepacked modules support HVAC systems and energy monitoring. Ideal for facility and real estate managers, especially those who aim to reduce energy consumption. Minimal development required.

                    Get 339% ROI from IoT in 3 years

What if you could get these benefits from an IoT platform? 339% ROI and $8.1 million in business benefits in three years and payback in less than one year. A commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study showed these outcomes from the Cumulocity IoT platform. 

                    Looking for more accelerators?

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                    Triple your ROI from IoT

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