What is IoT water management?

In the past, losing 30-50% of water to leakage was treated as a cost of doing business. No more! Using the Internet of Things (IoT), water management and energy companies use connected sensors to collect real-time data about their infrastructures for immediate insights and action.

What is the IoT water management accelerator?

The IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management is an out-of-the-box Cumulocity IoT application from Software AG designed to help water utilities manage their infrastructures efficiently using live data and analytics. Connected sensors collect data and send alerts to fix leaks, manage water pressure, and respond to demand changes. Built using the Cumulocity IoT platform, the accelerator includes up to 70% of what’s needed to build an IoT water management solution, including ready-to-go device connectivity, dedicated dashboards and alarms. It’s easily customizable to a company’s unique requirements. Software AG teamed with key players in the water industry to formulate this water innovation accelerator that combines best practices with best-in-class software.

Why use the IoT water management accelerator?
Every year around the globe, more than 126 billion cubic meters of water are lost due to leakages, poor metering and tampering. It’s a common problem that’s becoming more and more important for utilities to manage. With the IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management, a utility can get up and running quickly and easily on the IoT to constantly monitor one or many district metering areas to take action when it matters most.

Sample use cases
Using IoT-enabled water management, one Australian water company was projected to save €30 million in reworks and energy savings alone. Busselton Water used the IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management to quickly optimize its distribution system end-to-end and detect leaks both at customer premises and water distribution points, such as pipes and tanks. This resulted in lower operating costs and higher customer satisfaction.

With the IoT water management accelerator, you can monitor and manage:

  • Water pressure at the meter to identify leakages and reduce their duration
  • Asset health to increase effective equipment life, reduce energy usage and predict maintenance needs
  • Consumption—peak and non-peak, day and night—to identify the amount of water each area is using and to manage the pressure and speed of water flow to support demand

You also can:

  • Be alerted to any actions required—for example, identify pressure changes to issue a service request to repair a compromised pipeline segment(s)
  • Spot trends—for example, usage this month vs. last month—as well as understand average consumption
  • View the location of monitoring points on a grid layout or map
  • Drill down into the performance of any area or device by using a dashboard
  • Detect and diagnose leaks to accelerate repairs
  • Create an economically and environmentally aware sustainable utility network
  • Report accurately to regulators
The accelerator’s dashboards are built to accommodate the informational needs of different users.

Benefits of the IoT water management accelerator

Software AG’s IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management is built on the Cumulocity IoT platform, offering security, the ability to connect to and manage different devices, and analyze and create alerts for different scenarios.

Detect leaks in real time
Deploy the best-suited IoT sensors to collect and monitor data when and where needed. Use a triage process to analyze real-time streaming data and report on leakage severity and environmental impact using geofencing and geospatial referencing. Advanced machine learning improves incident detection and management.

Reduce leakage and increase revenue
Understand your non-revenue water (NRW), the volume of water that enters the distribution system but does not provide any revenue to the utility. NRW includes not only the real losses and apparent losses but also the unbilled authorized consumption.

Monitor pressure and demand
By monitoring water pressure at the meter and understanding pressure fluctuations, you can adjust the speed of water according to demand. Identify potential areas where energy consumption (cost) can be reduced via the reduction of operating pressure.

Act at the right time
The water innovation accelerator allows companies to share data securely in real time with all stakeholders across a variety of platforms. Market-leading integration capabilities can trigger resource management activities. For example, you can automate processes to direct the right people to where they are most effective. Ensure the best-equipped resources are quickly and cost-effectively at the scene of an incident.

Manage incidents with care
Getting resources to triage an incident in the field as fast as data can provide information is only a part of the solution. The accelerator incorporates a structured working practice using rugged mobile devices to ensure incidents are governed for best results, from the moment the resources arrive.

Inform and report responsibly
The solution accelerator has built-in audit reporting functionalities that collect and aggregate water leakage data over time. The generated audit reports can simplify environmental compliance process with governing bodies. The solution can be customized for clear accountability, auditable data, and straightforward and open reporting.

Target maintenance for best results
Equip your team to analyze deployments, points of failure, maintenance reports and descriptive analyses to accurately target ongoing work across your complex network.