A smart telecom down under: transforming Australian water management

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Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. Globally, Telstra provides end-to-end solutions, including managed network services, global connectivity, cloud, voice, colocation, conferencing and satellite solutions, to enterprise customers. It also has licenses in Asia, Europe and the U.S., offers access to more than 2,000 points of presence across the globe and operates Asia Pacific’s largest subsea cable network.


  • Constantly changing telecom landscape
  • Acceleration of IoT services
  • Pressure on water utilities & government to cut waste, digitalize, and streamline IoT water management


  • Supports and expands Telstra go-to market strategy for the water industry & IoT services
  • Helps utilities to deliver better services to their customers, conserve water and economize costs

                    “Our Cumulocity IoT partnership will help Australian utilities save water, improve services and drive real business outcomes.” 

– Gerhard Loots, Executive for Global IoT Solutions, Telstra

                Australia’s number one telco and ICT company

For more than 40 years, Telstra has been the leading provider of telecommunications and technology services globally. In an industry where change is constant, it has prospered by staying ahead of the curve through embracing new technologies and constantly experimenting with new business models.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a huge strategic opportunity. Telstra saw the unique chance to capture new network revenues and expand into new sales channels, with platforms, devices and services. To get there, they were going to need a carrier-grade, secure and open IoT platform to take to market. So in 2016, the company selected Cumulocity IoT— a highly rated platform that offered the flexible scalable solution and service package that was required.

A developer’s IoT dream

Cumulocity IoT is open and independent and has unique capabilities, such as edge architecture. The platform was rated as the most developer-friendly on the market. According to Gerhard Loots, Telstra’s Executive for Global IoT Solutions, the platform’s flexibility—and its ability to build customer-specific applications—was also critical. “With Cumulocity IoT, we have all the elements and APIs to build a system that enables customers to see the data the way they want,” he says.

Since Software AG acquired Cumulocity in March 2017, it has worked closely with Telstra to get even more out of the solution—by adding new capabilities and expanding the IoT architecture with its many highly rated products.

The two companies, which have a relationship that dates back many years, have also worked closely to develop modern services that utilize the platform and approach new industries for partnerships. By early 2019 they were ready for something big: the IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management.

The groundbreaking collaboration will establish Telstra as a leader in smart services for utilities—and, at the same time, help conserve the world’s most precious resource. Water management is a critical aspect of the emerging IoT ecosystem that drives benefits in many areas, from water utilities, to local councils, to agriculture.

Down to the last drop

The water solution’s premise is relatively simple. Every year around the globe, more than 126 billion cubic meters of water are lost due to leakages, poor metering and tampering—a losing proposition for their customers and the environment. In Australia, one of the world’s driest countries, each drop matters even more. The IoT Solution Accelerator provides a fix for all of this. By collecting pressure and flow data from digital meters and other water infrastructure, it’s able to detect leaks in an instant, and allows utilities to optimize their water distribution system end-to-end. It also offers off-the-shelf tools for monitoring and managing water data, as well as dashboards providing near-real-time consumption metrics.

The system is now undergoing a proof of concept, and the pilot customer couldn’t be a better fit. Busselton Water, which serves 26,000 customers on the Western Australia coast, pumps much of its water from underground wells and reservoirs. It faces high costs of electricity, which are magnified when water is wasted.

For Busselton Water, as well as future customers, the expected benefits are big: up to 20% reductions in leakage, 15% reductions in costs, and a 10% to 35% reduction in per-capita consumption resulting from increased transparency. “There are huge savings to be made from better managing the supply of water,” Loots says. “Part of our job is helping utilities to realize that.”

Many exciting developments lie ahead. In April 2019, Telstra and Software AG will begin offering the Solution Accelerator to other utilities in Australia and beyond. This expansion will leverage both companies’ strengths: Telstra’s existing customer relationships and a 3.5 million kilometer narrowband IoT network, and Software AG’s unmatched IoT know-how. New releases of the management solution are scheduled for later this year, which will bring new features and enhanced functions for Telstra and its customers.

“We’re very excited to bring together the deep expertise of both companies and we’re proud to be helping the water sector finally tackle some if its longest standing challenges," Loots said. 

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