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Gardner Denver is a leading, global provider of high-quality industrial equipment, technologies and services to a broad and diverse customer base through a family of highly recognized brands. The company was founded in 1859 and has 40 manufacturing facilities located in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific with offices in 32 countries. With an extensive network of dedicated sales companies and distributors, Gardner Denver offers global expertise with truly local service capability, ensuring its advanced technologies are backed up with full support.


  • Lack of real-time fault detection
  • Unable to remotely configure of equipment
  • Costly servicing and repairs


  • Rapid setup and availability in weeks
  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Improved part replacement and repair cycles

                    “Cumulocity IoT allows us to provide a uniquely branded, secure IoT platform monitoring solution to each of our compressor distributors and service partners.” 

– Sia Abbaszadeh, Vice President, Global Marketing and Technology, Gardner Denver

                Executive summary

Digitalization, the regulatory environment and increasing global competition are driving unprecedented change. Organizations must adapt their business strategies, better manage risk and simplify critical processes to avoid being disrupted by change. Many organizations are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize operations and drive new business models.

Companies like Gardner Denver are a prime example of organizations seizing the opportunity to innovate and take advantage of a connected, digital future. By embedding IoT technology in its products, Gardner Denver is able to redefine its relationship with its partners and customers.

Gardner Denver increases the performance of its machinery

Gardner Denver's customers rely on the continuous operation of their industrial equipment. Eliminating downtime is the ultimate goal. Gardner Denver sought a cost-effective way to increase machine quality and reduce downtime. 

The company sells its equipment through a strong, global set of partners and distributors. It needed a way to capture operational information from its machinery and provide it to the organizations best placed to support its customers. Each partner and distributor takes ownership in its customers and pride in the quality performance of its equipment. Delivery of secure and unique solutions by each partner and distributor is critical to ensure high-performing machinery.

Solution components

Cumulocity IoT platform

  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Industrial machine condition monitoring
  • Real-time fault detection
  • Remote configuration of equipment

Process integrations

  • Operational delivery of IoT-connected devices machine data to distributors and service partners
  • Online storage of IoT-connected machine data
  • Management, operational and technical dashboards

Go-to-market accelerators

  • Rapid set-up and availability in weeks
  • Fully branded for each Gardner Denver compressor brand
  • Plug-and-play machine integration with cloud field bus for rapid deployment
  • Future product and solution support

Gardner Denver adopts Cumulocity IoT

Gardner Denver adopted and configured the Cumulocity IoT platform to provide condition monitoring for its highly important industrial air compressor business. Gardner Denver chose air compressors as a first deployment for the Cumulocity platform because of the need for a secure, unique IoT platform for the distributors and service partners for each of its 16 brands. This IoT solution provides Gardner Denver with:

  • Real-time monitoring of various operational parameters on its air compressors
  • Real-time detection of fault situations
  • Online storage and on-demand distribution to the correct Gardner Denver service partner
  • Remote configuration of the industrial air compressors
  • Customized management of operational and technical dashboards

And equally important, each Cumulocity IoT platform is fully rebranded for each Gardner Denver brand, providing a uniquely branded customer experience that distributors and service partners can offer.


Cumulocity IoT allows Gardner Denver to successfully offer its IoT-powered condition monitoring service to its global customers through its extensive network of distribution and service partners. Proactively monitoring equipment, identifying faults and sharing that information in real time with partners increases the value that these distribution and service partners can offer to their customers.

Benefits to Gardner Denver customers

  • Equipment downtime is minimized to ensure operational efficiencies
  • Trouble reporting allows rapid servicing of equipment
  • Increased visibility of equipment aids replacement and repair cycles
  • Adoption of the future-proof Cumulocity IoT platform ensures Gardner Denver can meet its customers’ requirements for new, innovative services for air compressors and other equipment

Benefits to Gardner Denver

  • Fast time to market: Adoption of the fully customizable, tailor-made Cumulocity IoT software allowed the Gardner Denver condition monitoring service to be available in weeks
  • Multi-brand and multi-partner support: The flexible Cumulocity IoT platform provides sophisticated user-access controls that align to the ecosystem of distributors and service partners for each of Gardner Denver’s many compressor brands
  • Cost-effective pricing model: The usage-based monthly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fee grows with customer additions, and set-up fees were fully transparent

Sia Abbaszadeh, Vice President Global Marketing and Technology at Gardner Denver describes the value that the company has found from its IoT solution. “Cumulocity allows us to provide a uniquely branded, secure IoT platform monitoring solution to each of our compressor distributors and service partners,” he said. “This allows them to offer a high-quality, real-time monitoring solution to their customers.”

Cumulocity IoT can help you succeed, too

Cumulocity IoT has been the leading independent application and device management platform for the IoT since 2010. Cumulocity IoT is an open platform that provides a complete feature set for rapidly deploying IoT solutions. The key features include data collection and storage, real-time analytics, real-time visualization and IoT device management. Our open and publicly documented APIs and open UI framework enable our partners and customers to configure and extend the platform to their unique needs.

Scalability, security and reliability are critical in IoT solutions and our origins as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, the world’s mobile broadband specialist, give us the experience of securely managing millions of devices without service interruptions. Cumulocity IoT can be deployed in a cloud and/ or onpremises and enables enterprises to start small and scale out to millions of devices with the deployment model fit for their business.

Connect any thing

Start your IoT project today with more than 100 certified and preintegrated devices. Support hundreds of different devices with our device agents. Enjoy free access to documentation, SDK and source code.

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Runs on all networks: cellular, fixed, low power, satellite, mesh, hybrid and private. No need to open your firewalls because our solution works without VPN. Reduce your traffic by 80 percent using our SmartREST.

Store and manage all your asset data

Store all information about assets, devices, configuration, measurement, events and faults in Cumulocity IoT. Group and search your inventory. Track your assets geographically. Process events and alarms in real time.

Control your assets in real time

Control remote devices from wherever you are, without compromising security, through Cumulocity IoT instant push technology.

Manage alarms and incidents

Automatically monitor device availability and manage device faults.

Compose your own IoT app in minutes

Graphically assemble your own applications from a range of plug-ins with the Cumulocity IoT Application Builder.

Add the smart rules of your business

Create smart rules with an easy-to-use point-and-click interface. Use the rule engine to quickly realize operationally critical rules, like “Send me an email if a machine is down for 60 minutes.”

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